“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

Anais Nin

My daughter recently posted a picture of herself with two close longtime friends and the joy on each of their radiant faces inspired me to search for quotes about friends. I looked for quite some time before I finally found the one that reflected what I was feeling from this photo…and you just read that quote above.

The power of friends…

Where even are the words?!


I began to contemplate “new worlds” being born…simply because of the presence of a true friend in my life and how deeply grateful I am for each of them for what they taught me about myself…fostering that change for the better within my mind and soul that did indeed bring forth a “new world” in my life.

And so often brought me to do so for others too.

I am feeling very humble right now, just beginning to touch on thoughts of so many amazing people that have appeared in my life…

Some for shorter visits…

Some for extensive stays.

But each presenting some rare jewel that no other could quite have brought.

Today then, is about Friends and New Worlds.

Get ready to sink into just how wonderful your life has been.


Just for a moment, gift yourself with a Pause to bring to mind someone in your life who caused you to find a “new world” within yourself.

How did they do this?

It could be a tiny world…

Or a giant world…

Or any size in between.

Perhaps they laughed with you.

Or cried with you.

Shared a beautiful picture with you.

Told you “You can do this! I can SEE it!!”

Maybe they dove down into darkness with you with the sole purpose of bringing you back to the surface.

Perhaps they were silent, able to hear more deeply beneath what you were saying or doing than you were able to…then from that, helping yourself to hear and see more clearly.

Maybe they allowed you to sit and voice an opinion very contradictory to their own… without making you feel you had to conform or be anyone else but you.

Or they may even have spoken the words you were afraid to voice…but yet, in your hearing them pronounced, you were finally freed from some internal struggle that had been holding you back for so long.

They might have brought you food when you were so upset you had forgotten to eat.

There may have been a time they opened a door in your mind to a new way of seeing or interacting with your world…not so much giving you an answer but instead lighting a way to your discovering a new solution.

Were you ever gifted with a friend who…

showed you a future vision of yourself you never would have conceived of…

But because they did, you struck out on a path to see who this different “you” truly was…

And found that your friend knew you better than you knew yourself?

Because of such a friend…

You became More You.

Tears are in my eyes as I am overwhelmed by all these treasures I have received…



More than I can hold.



Think of just one person who has opened a New World for you.

Think of what they did or said.

How they did or said it.

How you felt then…

And now.

If they are no longer here in this realm, speak gratefully to them in your heart…as you sift through the memory of their imprint on your life.

If you have lost touch with them, go within yourself to name what they did…and then send them appreciation for their part in the changes they helped you to make.

If you are fortunate enough to have a way to reach out…

With a call

A text

A handwritten note

A visit…

To tell them of even just one tiny shining corner of what they brought to your life…

Share that with them.

Do it.

And soon.

In that moment of gratitude in that memory, you are not only reliving the New World they brought to you…

You are also gifting them with a New World as well, simply with the expression of joy you are bringing into their life.


A New World will always create yet another New World…

But we cannot see how truly miraculous and infinitely numerous they are…until we take a few moments to rest in remembrance…

For it is there we find we are ALL renewed once again.


To a New World.

4 thoughts on “New Worlds

  1. Kahil Gilbran says, “In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures.” Your post reminded me of all the sweetness of friendship. I am constantly lifted up by my friends and can’t imagine a world without them, yourself include, Ms. Power In Pause.


  2. Throughout the years, I’ve seen friends come and go for whatever reason…..and then there are those that have stayed and new ones that come along. It’s an amazing process…..as you think about those people that have stayed a “lifetime,” and then to watch new people move into your life….. I truly believe it’s all orchestrated by a Higher Power…..no coincidences in life! Beautiful post, as always, Janelle. Thank you!🌷


    1. Many thanks to you, Dawn for your beautiful voice here🙏Yes, I too believe there are no coincidences…looking back, we can sometimes get glimpses of how some of the pieces fit together, working together to create something far larger than we could ever imagine. Our friendships, however brief or long, are all truly precious threads weaving miraculous colors throughout our lives! 🌈


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