Welcome to Power In Pause!


The idea to set up Power In Pause came about over the last couple of years as I began to experience the transformations that occurred whenever I took a step back and away mentally, allowing myself a moment or two of space and time to regroup.

Yeah, I know. It sounds really obvious…until we look around and see how much busyness and stimulation there is going on all the time and how very little quiet is occurring, whether inside us or out.

Soooo….exactly WHY aren’t we seeking more down time for our minds, bodies and spirits if it’s that obvious?!

Curiosity completely captured me with that question. I began my search for the reasons and ever since, it’s been an amazing adventure!

I eventually found that whenever I convinced myself I was too busy to take time out, things fell apart more frequently. When I finally did stop to take care of myself on a regular basis, things began to smooth out. I found this to be true for many others as well.

But how exactly do we begin to move from one side to the other?

A pattern began to emerge that always preceded any change for the better that took place in my life, whether physically, spiritually, emotionally or mentally.

There were always Four Steps:


First, there had to be the deliberate choice on my part to Pause, in order to separate myself from whatever was happening…whether in my mind or in my environment.

Second, there was the decision to observe more objectively those thoughts, those people or those events that had been affecting me.

Third, the result of these observations was a choice 1) to either continue perceiving just as I had, 2) to shift some of my perceptions, or 3) to completely drop my viewpoint in exchange for an entirely new vantage point.

And fourth, to take positive action based on the decisions made during this time of separation and stillness.

All the positive changes in my life hinged on my following these steps.

Except, none of them ever worked…

Unless I elected to Pause first.

Pausing is the first and most crucial link in any Chain for Change.

We cannot change anything until we are first aware that there is a need for it.
Pausing gives us that break that helps us to put on the brakes!

The Pause holds all the Power because we cannot ever access the Space where we can hear our heart speak unless we learn to observe from a point of stillness.

Power In Pause is such a Space. A Space to practice pausing.

And so to read here is to choose to Pause.

This blog will frequently present quotes from powerful thinkers across time and spanning many cultures.
Additionally, as I find very deep joy in the act of writing (especially to enhance my own clarity!), I will often add my own humble expansions on those quotes as I relate them to my own life.

But…you may find that I may just occasionally venture out on my own without a quote as a catalyst!
But no matter the inspirational source, my hope always is that you too may find somewhere amongst these words those that speak to your heart and mind, inspiring and encouraging you to bring positive changes into your life as well.

With those thoughts in mind, my DISCLAIMER must be stated:

As I am NOT trained/licensed as a professional in any medical fields and am not certified in counseling of any type, this site is completely intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease or other condition.  I disclaim any liability or loss in connection with the content provided on this website. Please always seek the help of a trained professional if this applies to your situation.

SO WHO IS Power In Pause FOR?

This Place, Power In Pause, is being created for all of us.

It is YOUR Space…and therefore everyone else’s. For this reason, I ask that any interactions you may make here be respectful and always generated by compassion and gratitude.
Power In Pause gently asks us to take a moment to care for ourselves…
And by so doing, we can then care for others.

If we will arrive with curiosity and an open heart and mind, we will always walk away with something new and powerful.

And by taking the opportunity to Pause on a regular basis, we will be enabled to restore Peace ~ first within our own Heart and then without ~ in whatever unique place we find ourselves in the world.


Repose. Reflect. Reset. Respond.

Power is waiting to be revealed…the moment we each choose to Pause.

Take a moment to be still.




I welcome you to this Space…
I thank you for stopping by…
And I hope you will return often!

🐛🦋🌻⛵️🌊 Libellule