“We must discover and accept what unique part of the divine mystery is ours to reflect. All each of us can give back to God* is what God has already given to us. We must choose it, respect it, and allow it to blossom. The most courageous thing we will ever do is to bear humbly the mystery of our own reality, to trust our divine image and grow in God’s likeness. It is simply a matter of becoming who we already are.”

Richard Rohr from 01-07-18 blog article titled “The Second Gaze”

(*If the use of the word “God” is a sticking point here, please do not turn away quite yet. Instead, consider selecting a term or phrase that is comfortable for you on your own spiritual path. What is important is to be open to any message that may be waiting here for your own heart.)

I am enjoying immersing myself in these words from this quote:












It is a continuous path of change that we walk. Each of these words cries for me to act, to be IN each moment, to share what is only uniquely mine to give.


YOU are special.

Only you can give what YOU have.

Which of these action words will be “yours” just for today?😊 Gift yourself with just a few moments of stillness…and listen for the one word your heart is calling out to you most strongly.

Be willing to be patient…so you can hear your own soft voice.

Close your eyes and see where/when/with whom you can bring this chosen word to life today.

Truly SEE how you will BE…

Shiningly unique, as only you can offer.

It may happen as you imagined it…


you may just receive something quite beyond your imagination.

Walk with the innocent expectant wonder of a child’s eyes today so you may see the wideness of the world that is waiting for you!

2 thoughts on ““Wonder-Full” Words

  1. So cool to have you in my inbox today. Love those words, too, especially discover, choose, blossom and grow. Thanks for reminding me that all I need to do is be my best “Me.”


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