What Do We Do NOW?!

“You cannot find yourself in the past or future. The only place where you can find yourself is in the Now.”

Eckhart Tolle


What DO we do NOW?

Well…let’s talk first about “finding yourself”…

Simply in reading this you’re pausing…

And that’s where you begin this “finding”…this search for yourself.

In the Now.

So inquire:

Where are you right now…



Pause again for two breaths.

Listen internally for a few breaths and just observe the information coming in.

No action required.

No judgements necessary.

Just watch.

That’s it.

You just gave yourself the gift of Now…

Now, where we live and find answers….


With the growing restrictions we are all experiencing worldwide due to COVID 19, we may be finding more pockets of time on our hands.

I am examining for myself: how am I choosing to spend my time? Where AM I in all of this?

We may anxiously channel surf without even noticing that an hour or two has passed…

We might wait in line at 5:00am with 100+ strangers for the grocery store to open at 6:00, hoping to find what we need…then stand in the checkout line for 45 more minutes.

We could also find ourselves lying awake at night for hours, wondering when/if things will return to normal, how our loved ones are faring, pondering the state of the economy, or perhaps whether we will ever be able to shake off our stream of fears without finally going down the river with them.

Tolle’s quote reminds me that my only place of true power (and control) is RIGHT NOW.

Now always IS where we live, think, act.

Thinking in terms that we each have a personal store of energy to “spend” on thinking and doing, where are you regarding how you are using your own precious energy?

Past and Future are, at this moment, no longer accessible (they represent living that is either completed or not yet to be), so spending copious amounts of time there can quickly become a futile activity.

Therefore any “living” in Past or Future with my thoughts requires some wise, mindful monitoring.

The Past contains beautiful memories and lessons learned, which can help me Now.

The Future contains both Hope and Fear.

So while there is value in looking back or forward so that we can grow and learn, the intention to look there need only be to access means to increase the good we each have tucked away within us. If it brings no forward progress, it actually subtracts from our store of available energy.

So we need to stay aware of what drains us vs. what fills us.


If I get stuck in Past or Future, why? What am I looking for there.. What am I longing for…and how can that assist me Now?


So I’ve decided to see (as often as I can remember!) these turbulent times through the lens of the many opportunities to reflect on what is truly important to me.

Yes, me first.

Selfish, you say?

Here’s the why:

Because if I take care of what is happening inside me, then I am much better prepared for what is going on outside of me.

I’m building up stores of what will assist me in going forward.

Once I have committed to spending time with me (i.e. how many Pauses can I find today?), I find I am not so inclined to be as overwhelmed by the circumstances surrounding me.

Whatever gifts I receive by pausing and breathing, spending time with myself, no matter how uncomfortable I may feel at times in facing the thoughts and feelings that come up, these gifts then become a lens through which I can more clearly see others’ words and actions. Judgements can begin to dissipate…and I can begin to bring curiosity to my surroundings:

What can I do NOW?

How do I want to show up?


These are scary times and truly overwhelming, as we are saturated by the continuous barrage of “helpful” information on the news and other sources.

But if we can pause and ask, “Who just chose to turn on that channel?”

Who’s really in charge?!

Guess what?

We are.


“What do I do Now?” depends on “the channel” I’m watching…and I’m not just speaking of TV watching…

but the ones I’ve chosen to dial into…

In my mind and heart.

And then asking:

“Is this channel a ‘drain out’ or a ‘fill up’ experience?”

It does come down to our choices, how present we can be…

How many “pauses” we can find in our day…

For each pause is what leaves space for the flux of roiling feelings, deeper needs and changing events that seem to be controlling our lives.

We have room to experience them, to watch them, without being pulled into them.

We can decide what drains…and what fills…

And choose to discard or keep accordingly.

To an extent, we are being controlled: we watch as we are losing freedoms, as access is being further limited to those we care for, as many more choices are being made FOR us…so there is definitely an overpowering feeling of sadness and even grief, at the loss of connection (at least, as we long for it to be)…

And there is the pervading, persistant anxiety of losing even more of our autonomy as suggestions, rules and even laws are more and more becoming (“normal”?) parts of our lives.

But…could I be willing to embrace “different” for a while?

With one breath, one pause, I can instantly be in the limitless space of my creative mind and my buoyant spirit…and THIS can ALWAYS be where I live.

I can move WITH change, rather than fight it, seeking through Pauses the “fill ups” over the “drains”.

With any Pause, I am Now enthroned in the “seat” from which I “observe” as much as I can…myself, others, events, feelings, beliefs, nature…

There’s a sense of being above it:

Being IN it all, but not OF it all.

And that…

Is always a source of inner peace.


This virus, alongside its threat and frightening ubiquitousness, is also giving us a chance to look a little closer…

At what is really important.

To choose to live more closely aligned with what we long for, to honor what really matters to us.

It begins Right Now…

And Now…

And also Now.

Every moment holds a new choice.

I can be here, Now, deciding every moment what I want to think about or what I want to do…or CAN do…observing how I feel and what I might be needing in this moment.

In honoring that space, I can then create space for others: I can be more of service to my piece of the world than I would if I stay “locked down” in the “house” of my fears, beliefs, futile thoughts, and succumbing to that massive tidal wave cresting ominously on my heart’s doorstep, smashing at the door over…and over…and over.




My dear human beings:

We may have to keep our bodies under quarantine…

But our minds and souls are never under captivity…

And they never ever will be.

Pause = Presence = Peace

Now is the only place where that sequence can happen.



Be curious.

And ask…

What do we do…


Pausing To Be “Greater Than”

“To truly change is to think greater than your environment. To think greater than the circumstances in your life, to think greater than the conditions in the world.”

Joe Dispenza

Look at the picture above and note what you see first:

Did you see the “bars of the cage” in the picture?

Did you think it was “ugly”?

Did you wonder why I’d pick such an uninteresting subject?

Or did you happen to wonder what might be hidden beyond the bars of the cage…in the smaller chinks and spaces, where the light is…and tried zooming in to find out?

How long did it take between the reactions you had?

Just how powerful is our Curiosity in shifting our view and our actions?


Here we find ourselves at the end of 2019 looking back at our accomplishments, our growth, or perhaps instead at our losses, where we fell short and wish to improve…

We’re always hoping for “better” in the gift of our next New Year, as we plan to diet, exercise, read more, connect with a “difficult” person, do more self-care, speak up, sign up for a class, go volunteer…whatever we might have been thinking will help us to “be more”.

But…just how often do we Pause to ask what exactly causes us to move forward, stay stuck or regress? What motivates us to change?

Hint: It’s not outside each of us.

It’s what we do with our minds.

Often our current circumstances/conditions may seem to be limiting…in fact, it’s so easy and comforting to just say, “Well this is just how it is, so there’s not a lot I can do about it”…

But isn’t that a way of admitting we’re powerless? Is that really what we want to say? Think? Do?

Joe Dispenza is saying above that we’re NOT powerless at all…

And so I’m challenging us all in 2020 to regularly practice Pausing to Be “Greater Than” in our thoughts: to break out of one or more of our “thinking molds” that has been holding us in concrete and telling us we are limited.

Our circumstances are limiting…only if we choose to see them as such.

The power of our creative mind can break out of any “limiting” situation.

But to truly change, we must be willing to take a moment to remember that the “limit” we are looking at is actually self-imposed. Limits only happen when we choose to stay where we are with our current view, belief, or thought.

Sure it’s much easier to stay the same. Isaac Newton figured this out centuries ago with his First Law of Motion:

“A body at rest will remain at rest, and a body in motion will remain in motion, unless it is acted upon by an external force.”

In our case, the “external force” we need originates in our mind.

We will always stay put emotionally, physically, spiritually if we approach things with the same mindset.

Want change?

Find a way to “think greater than”.


You ARE the creator, the originator, of the external force needed for any change to occur in your life.


Not a family member, a friend, a weather event, a motivational seminar, a letdown, a prize, a compliment or a put down…

Just you.

People, events, words, pictures…are actually neutral…

WE are the ones that assign value and meaning to them, and therein lies their power for us…and over us.

If we start pausing to view our circumstances as neutral…and therefore as opportunities for us to “think greater” about them… our situations become infinitely powerful launching pads for us to change for the greater. They LOSE their power over us because we have altered how we SEE them.

They become less frightening too.

Change IS all about what YOU decide to view and to do about everything that comes your way.


In what circumstance today can I use a Pause to search out a vision greater than the finite circumstance before me…?

In what situation will I choose to begin my curious search for “Greater Than?”

How am I viewing my present environment that is causing restriction in my ability to move forward?


We ARE much much larger than anything placed in our path.

Whenever we remember this, we have immediate access to the freedom and power that is always available to us.

Feeling “stuck” is when we are thinking below or equal to the conditions around us: this is how we blind ourselves to the Path of Change that lies right in front of us.


>Watch out for “knee jerk” reactions in your thoughts: could there be a different way to see what you’re seeing? (Cage…or space beyond?)

>Increase your use of “neutral” labels: “This event is not for me or against me. It is only there for me to practice Thinking Greater.” So…I choose right now, to think “Greater Than”.

(This cage has spaces.)

>Approach with Curiosity, rather than fear.

(I wonder what’s hidden in the spaces?)


>>How is your Year 2020 view starting to change for you?>>>


Happiest New Year to all my Readers! I appreciate your time spent here with me on Power in Pause and I’m looking forward to a year of Thinking Greater along with each of you.

Our Line In The Sand

“The deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation. You are not discovering yourself, but creating yourself anew. Seek therefore not to find out Who You Are, but seek to determine Who You Want To Be.

Neale Donald Walsh 


Notice what happens in your mind when you Pause to ask yourself…

“Who do I truly want to be right in this moment?” 


“What deeper intentions are actually directing what I will say or do in the next moment?”


When I am actively involved in choosing from my Spiritual Arsenal exactly Who is going to be showing up, I am in the position of creating…

I’m in a state of becoming…and therefore fully responsible for any and all change that ever occurs in my life. 

This is one GIANT position in which to find oneself because…

At any one of my Pause Points, I can either choose the full Truth of Me…

Or any other somewhat distorted version of myself.

Either way, I am creating Who I Am…

So it is oh so crucial to reflect deeply on:

Just WHO this is.


I am curious to hear your own perspectives:

When you’re at a point in time where you must say or do something…
How does it feel to you ~ within either your heart, mind or soul…or all the above(!) ~ to simply notice yourself standing in this position of responsibly creating something entirely new?

Then, how does it affect you as you move forward to speak or act? Did it change your first impulse?

Did it clarify details? Make you feel awkward or anxious? Free you?

Did it empower you in some way you might not have imagined?


I feel that Pausing is that exact point where we toe our very own “line in the sand”…

Where we finally divide

What Was

From What Could Be.

I find that Pausing always creates that internal (and yes, eternal!) “click” we hear

When we agree within to “let go” and move on to present a yet larger version of ourselves.


Just what exactly IS happening…

Within our entire Self…

At the moment we Pause?








The School of Eternity

“In other words, nonviolence is a skill, just like learning to read. Love is a skill. The transformation of anger is a skill. All these can be learned. We cannot say we aren’t capable of nonviolence; all we can say is we are not willing to do what is necessary to learn.”

Eknath Easwaran

From Gandhi the Man: How One Man Changed Himself to Change the World

What am I willing to learn today that I may venture one more step closer to becoming a tiny bit more skilled…

In showing what Love could be…

For myself?

And for another being?

We can all learn.

But it is a choice…

A continuous choice.

So it only falls to us each individually

To have the first thought to DECIDE to do so…

And then to ACT upon that decision in some way…

Small or large.

No thought?

No action.

Take a moment to Pause.

Create a thought of Who you want to Be today.

Now, even.

Be conscious of having THAT “You” show up

All through your day today.

Then, tonight before you sleep, Pause once more

And look back over your day…

The radiant moments.

The neutral moments.

The difficult moments.

Reflect a few minutes on Who Really Showed Up

Each time….

And seek the “why” behind their presence.

Now, from this reflection

Create again in your mind

For tomorrow

Who will show up.



Tomorrow will be “today”,

But one step better:

One step closer to Love

Than you were today.


Is truly Learning…

At any age.

And we are each taking lessons

As Eternity’s Students.

A Sparkling Moment

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.”


I don’t usually post twice in one day…

And I would apologize for visiting your inbox overmuch today…

But I’m not feeling guilty

For what I am about to give you.

Not one bit.

A few minutes ago, this opportunity came along and said to me,


The beautiful flower souls pictured above actually live atop a hill in my yard…gracing my life this miraculous summer day of warm sun and cool breezes.

And after I responded to their call to snap a picture, I knew you would need to see them as well…

And know who they are.


Are they miraculous or what?!?!

Just look at that happy intense color, that exuberant burst of energy…

I watch them as they seem simply to hug the sun with their starry petals and just bask there, brightly reflecting their yellow Sister in the Sky and sharing joy with whomever comes by!!

I am

In this moment

So blessed to BE…

And to SEE…

In this world!!

Oh to reflect such





In my life…

The way that they do.

Thank you, beautiful souls, shining today in my garden, for speaking to me…

And capturing my heart!


What do you see…

Right now?

What gifts are before you

Just waiting for you to BE…

So you can SEE…

Even more than before?

Where might your current source of gratitude be presenting itself to you?

Whether hidden or not, it IS there, I assure you.

Take a Pause…

And find what you are to love…

Right Now.


So you can SEE

The gift of your very own

Sparkling Moment.

The Habit of Empty

Jiddu Krishnamurti says:

“When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind.”


I am created to practice becoming “no thing”…

So I may become “all things”.

I am not meant to be violent.

What does all this mean, exactly?

One of the ideas from Lao Tzu in his Tao Te Ching just bobbed up in my heart to share with you: this particular verse is so encouraging, as it reminds us to “empty ourselves” so we may be continually filled anew.

Here is the whole (short!) Verse #11:

“Thirty spokes share the wheel’s hub;

It is the center hole that makes it useful.

Shape clay into a vessel;

It is the space within that makes it useful.

Cut doors and windows for a room;

It is the holes which make it useful.

Therefore profit comes from what is there;

Usefulness from what is not there.”

(translation by Gia-fu Feng and Jane English)

There is so much more to contemplate here, but I will grab onto that last line:

“Usefulness from what is not there.”

As Jiddu Krishnamurti points out above, our beliefs can definitely get in the way of our ability to be of true help in our world.

We can only effect change when we empty ourselves:

Cleaning out unhelpful beliefs

Ceasing negative judgements (of ourselves, as well as others)

Releasing attachments (“it should be THIS way” not that way”)

Just imagine how we would be seeing the world if we did not carry around this “violent” clutter with which we fill our heart and soul vessels!

We would be able to see more clearly.

Think more clearly.

Respond in ways that we were previously unaware were accessible to us.

The door to our world opens ever wider…

And we can then walk forward to bring this idea…this open “empty” Presence to all beings.


We can only be filled…

If we are first “empty”.


Easy to say.

Harder to do.


If I can accomplish it just once?

I have readied myself for the next moment.

And then I am then completely open to repeat that emptying again…










If I am finding such freedom in my soul just contemplating this sequence…




…then what joy and peace will there be when I actually ACT upon it?

Each thing that comes our way is the perfect “trigger” to remind us to empty:

Stuck in traffic

“Impossible” co-workers

The never-ending pile of laundry

The pouring rain when I wanted to go for a walk

Our irritation, sadness, disappointment are signs that we are too full, reminding us we need to empty.

We all know that near-bursting feeling that rises up and wants to take control when we’re overwhelmed.

That’s our vessel that is asking to be emptied.

And we know what happens if we don’t:

The overflow can cause some serious flooding…and often lots of regrets later.


We also have the flip side, where we are filled with happiness:

We’re being praised for an accomplishment

We are so proud to watch our child succeed after hard work

We are overwhelmed by a beautiful sunset that stops us in our tracks

Or we’re intensely grateful for an understanding friend who truly listens to us.

These “fill” us in a positive way.

But if we cling to them too long, they will prevent us from being present for what is happening next:

We miss the next “now”.

So truly?

We are not created to hold…

But to let go.

Over and over.

For if, moment by moment, we decide to develop our Habit of Empty…

We will always find that we have a created the perfect space…

To be deeply present…

So Love may reside within our heart and mind.

And even more, perhaps?

Emptying to be filled again…is simply what Love IS…

And what Love was intended to be all along.

As our friends the Beatles so simply put it:

“All you need is Love”!




This is living The Habit of Empty!


“Sometimes we should express our gratitude for the small and simple things like the the scent of the rain, the taste of your favorite food, or the sound of a loved one’s voice.” 
Joseph B. Wirthlin


I am a staunch believer that


Is our strongest Soul Tool.

It changes our minds

About what we think “IS”

And opens the door to a much wider view of…

What “COULD BE”.

It is the purest expression of unconditional Love because, by our choosing thankfulness, we are saying

“I accept (love) this moment/person/situation

Just as it is.

Without labels.

Without judgement…

With a faith, a surety, that there is way more underneath that I, in my humble and limited position, cannot yet see.”

Gratitude is for the tiniest flower…

For the most spectacular sunset…

And everything in between.

No limits.

And so for us?

No excuses to hold back ever.



Say the word Gratitude aloud.

Do you hear the three word “lyrics” to a “spirit song” in that word?

Not yet?

Remove the “Gr” sound from the beginning and the “D” sound from the end.

Now we’re saying…





We’ll need just a dash of poetic license here to discover that…

Gratitude cradles the sounds of three smaller words hidden within:




Appreciation will always “add to” whatever we are experiencing in any moment, no matter what is going on around us or within us.

The practice of seeking opportunities upon which to place our gratitude will always expand our mind, our heart and our soul…

And suddenly we find

We are able to see far more than we did just a few moments ago.

We have just experienced…

The miracle of creation.



Notice where, and then what, in this moment, you would like to “add to” your day.

What “You” do you truly want to show up right now?

An old knee-jerk reaction…

Or a new gentler response?

Quiet over noise?

Speaking up over retreating?

We know what will happen if we choose to repeat what we’ve always done before.

Do we want to do that again?

Can we be brave enough to ask:

“How can I really reflect the True Me?”

Right on the spot, you can choose to practice

“Add It To”

In your situation.

Watching your “IS”

Evolving into your “COULD BE”.


How is this impacting you?


The environment?

And should you feel so called, share a moment here what

“Add It To”

Added To


See Love…Be Love

“Many people think of love as an emotion that comes and goes. In one moment we feel intense love and in the next we feel nothing at all. We may then become consumed by doubts about our relationships or get caught up in an anxious search for love, striving to attract someone who will finally give us the love and approval we’ve longed for. But in truth, love isn’t a capricious emotion but a state of being. It is an experience of unity with all creation. In every moment we can choose to be the presence of love and let that love guide all our words and actions. This choice will transform all of your relationships, including the one with yourself.”

From Daily Message 07-22-19

Day 8, Chopra 21 Day Meditation: “Miraculous Spirit”

I am transformed by these key thoughts:

Love is

“A state of being”…

“Unity with all creation”

So any transformation…

Is created from each single choice we make.

WE decide to choose to be unified…

To look for and pursue~

Whether hidden or apparent~

What best connects us to a person

An object

An experience…

In a way that guides that relationship closer to love

And further from divisiveness.

If I Pause just long enough to act in a loving, less harmful way

I am practicing uncovering more of Who I Am…


And also allowing this revelation to become more true for the being or situation that is before me in that moment.


We are each capable of creating moments of transformation.

By “Seeing” Love…

We will be enabled to reveal Love.



Choose to notice how you are responding

To anything, anyone that is right before you

In this very moment.

A flower

A rainstorm

A traffic jam

A rejection

A beloved one

A persistent “thorn in your side”

A miraculous thought.

Over time

As you practice Pausing


Without judgement

What your “go to” responses are:


Or not?




These labels matter not.

We habitually stick them on from our own limited beliefs and perspectives…

And so they cannot possibly reflect the total truth of something…or someone.

Go forward now…

Choosing your experiences

To hone your loving responses.

Realizing that every single time

Their presence in your life

Is gifting you with the chance to come closer to yourself…

To another…

To Transformation.


Are the ONLY ones

Who can bring Love:

To ourselves…

To our world.

Any time


And we do it









Actively look for Love.

It IS there…

Because YOU are.

Prophet Photos

“The prophet does not ask if the vision can be implemented, for questions of implementation are of no consequence until the vision can be imagined. The imagination must come before the implementation. Our culture is competent to implement almost anything and to imagine almost nothing. The same royal consciousness that makes it possible to implement anything and everything is the one that shrinks imagination because imagination is a danger. Thus every totalitarian regime is frightened of the artist. It is the vocation of the prophet to keep alive the ministry of imagination, to keep on conjuring and proposing futures alternative to the single one the king wants to urge as the only thinkable one. . . .”

Walter Brueggemann, in The Prophetic Imagination


Yes, this is one pithy quote and we can easily find numerous prompts for pondering amongst Brueggemann’s words. Today, I find I am most deeply intrigued by two very powerful concepts.

The first, stated plainly, is the idea of “imagination before implementation”.

And the second presents as a hidden question: What IS the definition of a “prophet”?

Pause and consider:

Can anything be accomplished without there being an initial thought? Our thoughts are the creative force behind our actions. Whether we are consciously aware of a thought or whether it is buried beneath, we are always motivated by our thinking, by our beliefs.

Idea, then, always precedes action.

Suppose I wish to learn about photography.

First there will be a “capturing moment” of awareness that there is something about photos and their creation that is intriguing to me.

I may be drawn closer to this awareness by a photo that captures a whimsical expression of a playful puppy…so I stay a moment longer to steep myself in the humor that it brings to me.

Or perhaps I am drawn to the vivid detail of the shades of orange in a photo of a flower that, had the photographer not paused to snap the shot, I would have bypassed on the sidewalk without a second thought.

Maybe as I walk outside I am thunderstruck by the immense expanse of a mountain skyline or a miraculous sunrise, and find myself longing to “own” this moment for a later time…

As I notice my reactions, a deeper thought appears:

“I wonder if I could learn to take such moments and preserve them in time myself through more artistic photos?”

With such awareness, the possibility of Change…has just been proposed. Even if I am not very likely to launch a career in photography(!) based on this spiritual nudge, what COULD happen…

Because I was curious about Change?

What new joy might it bring to myself, to another…?

What if the appearance of any such a thought is my soul signaling to me of a latent ability as yet unfulfilled?

It is here that I then cross over to “implementation”.

Any change must begin with an idea. With the thought “What if I were to go learn…?”, Brueggemann’s idea of “imagination” has taken place, opening new possibilities of “implementing” this thought. As a result, I may go look for a photography class in my area, perhaps find articles about how to select subjects for a picture, research online the best beginner camera to purchase, or search for an art gallery displaying more photos to further inspire me.


So you can see how important is is that we guard over, and take responsibility for, our thoughts.

We must diligently watch our thoughts:

They contain the Power of Change.


The second inspiration I received from Brueggemann caused me to rethink my concept of a “prophet”. I had, up until this point, always thought of prophets as singular and rare individuals, often divinely appointed to bring ideas, new “imaginations”, in order to shift a currently reality to a better one…someone who “shakes up the norm” so we cannot “unsee” what they are telling us. They were unique, brilliant and special…and certainly NOT ME! Prophets were charged with inspiring the remainder of humanity to listen in wide-eyed wonder as they presented deep truths, clarified our purpose and paths for us…more often than not to the point of deeper mental, spiritual and/or emotional discomfort.

But then I got MY thought shift:

What happens if we begin to see OURSELVES as unique and special…as actual “prophets”?

I mean this in the sense of the responsibility we each carry during each moment of each day:

Essentially, are we not moving through our hours and days “implementing” whatever we have first been “inspired” with?

James Clear writes:

“Every action you take is like a vote for the kind of person you want to be.”

If I choose to see my words and deeds as “prophetic”, this means I am broadcasting messages constantly…everywhere I go…

Whether I want to, plan to…or not…

I am always prophesying.

Ever stopped to observe WHAT you are saying with the way you live your life?


In essence, my actions are the photos of my thoughts…

And I am continuously leaving behind a legacy with every one of my “thought/action prophecies”.

Do you see how we are actually each “prophets”, voting for the “kind of person [we] want to be”?

Can you come to terms with the fact that YOU are a Prophet too?

We must decide to be willing to pause to notice…and evaluate the messages we are sending.

We are called to trace back to the “thought water drop” that “inspired” the stream we are creating…

A stream that is “implementing” an ocean born of our own choices.


Today, see if you can notice three times the action you are taking and then trace it to the thought or belief that brought you there.

(Caveat: This may take more time…our roots often run deep. But the knowledge gleaned from the search is crucial for our forward spiritual momentum.)


Consider one (or more!) of the following questions:

How am I showing up right now?

Is this truly how I WANT to show up?

Why or why not?

Is this the prophecy I wish to reveal…about my soul…about my heart?

What vote am I casting

In this moment…

For the Prophet I Truly Want To Be?

Whom do you wish to reveal…

In your own Prophet Photo?

And what inspiration…

Will you now implement

To prepare for your very next Prophet Photo Op…

That “votes” for the Truth of Who You Are?

The 99% Rule: Part 3 of 3

“Ninety-nine percent of what bothers you is about you. Ninety-nine percent of what bothers others has nothing to do with you.”

Deborah Adele, excerpt from The Yamas & Niyamas; chapter on “Svadhyaya” (Self-Study)

In our third segment for this blog, we will more deeply explore Adele’s point that we are in need of a perspective reassessment…

And in her view, that’s 99% of the time!

Oh my…now that’s way more responsibility than I bargained for!

But…daring to look more closely, I find that yes, I am definitely living my life focusing on the importance of what is in the “99% outside”…and not enough focus upon my more important internal “99%”.

Do you do this too?


Let’s face it: we humans don’t like pain or discomfort of any kind and when we choose to function in the 99% outside, we are simply trying to avoid internal turmoil, pain or vulnerability by shifting blame to another source.

Let’s take the phrase…

“YOU made me feel angry!”

This statement, spoken (or not!), is a move away from self and towards another.

Rather than taking a few moments to understand WHY we are angry, sitting with that discomfort of facing ourselves… we access relief in projecting it outside, away from ourselves.

If we will Pause to access our “friend”, Curiosity, choosing for a moment to bypass our fear, we could ask instead:

“What are reasons I might feel this way?

What do I really need in this moment?

Am I willing to express this need?

Why or why not?”

Our tiny word “Why” can take us a loooong way as we dig deeper…and if we are persistent, we WILL get to the root of our discomfort. Frequently we may find ourselves traveling far back into our past to an event that actually created a belief…a belief that we discover is now providing a foundation for much of what we perceive, project and do in our lives. AND suddenly we realize we no longer want this as a foundation…because it no longer “matches” Who We Are.

This “Digging With Why” is how we start to take responsibility for Our 99%.

Yes, it takes time.

Yes, it takes some work.

But there is no one else to do this: if we are not willing to look at our own stuff first, nothing “out there” is ever going to change.


At the end of her chapter on Svadhyaya, Adele continues with these suggestions:

“This week notice how you turn the [99% quote above] around, blaming others for your own problems and taking responsibility for other’s problems. Practice taking responsibility for yourself and letting others be responsible for themselves.”

Strong words.

Okay, that’s quite a lot of work…and I’ve been this way for a long time…

Can I really Change?


Because I can do this one Pause at a time…the entire bundle of transformation needs not happen all at once.

Since we are, ever and only, victims of our OWN thoughts,

We can either stay the same…

Or not.

Fleet Maull writes:

“Any time you attribute the cause of your happiness or unhappiness, satisfaction or dissatisfaction to something outside yourself, you give away your power.”

It’s very draining to be giving away power…

Yet we all do it…often.


We forget (or refuse!) to access our Pause.

But without our Pause, we will remain unaware we are giving away power.

Accessing Pause helps us begin to untangle ourselves from the mental and emotional habits that weaken us and move into self-acceptance and self-love.


I’ve been observing lately what a juggling act I am trying to perform: SO many balls in the air that I want to direct (people, situations)…when I really need only toss one “ball” in the air…


Taking care of my 99% is more than enough…

And is actually all that was, is, and ever will be, required of me.

As I become clearer about my beliefs, my motives, and their attached emotions and needs, I can begin to decide how I want to “organize” my unique 99%. THEN I will be better prepared to see what is going on around me and be more precise about how my interactions can be positive and balanced, reflecting my purest, truest self…and allowing others to be freed to do the same.

And oh! Remember that Control we are constantly seeking?

Taking care of our own 99% will actually result in reestablishing control, freeing us from our trap of believing we must/should be in charge of everyone else’s 99%!

After all…

That’s THEIRS!



Today, take a few moments for yourself.


Consider Adele’s passages.


Go inside to find what you’ve been looking for “outside” all this time.

Be curious.

Be brave.

Seek balance…one moment at a time.

It IS always worth the time and work.


Seek now to commit to this “Rule of 99%”…


Where you have Power.

You will always be 110% surprised by the results that your curiosity and perseverance will bring…

Once you become aware of the impact of The 99% Rule!