“To truly change is to think greater than your environment. To think greater than the circumstances in your life, to think greater than the conditions in the world.”

Joe Dispenza

Look at the picture above and note what you see first:

Did you see the “bars of the cage” in the picture?

Did you think it was “ugly”?

Did you wonder why I’d pick such an uninteresting subject?

Or did you happen to wonder what might be hidden beyond the bars of the cage…in the smaller chinks and spaces, where the light is…and tried zooming in to find out?

How long did it take between the reactions you had?

Just how powerful is our Curiosity in shifting our view and our actions?


Here we find ourselves at the end of 2019 looking back at our accomplishments, our growth, or perhaps instead at our losses, where we fell short and wish to improve…

We’re always hoping for “better” in the gift of our next New Year, as we plan to diet, exercise, read more, connect with a “difficult” person, do more self-care, speak up, sign up for a class, go volunteer…whatever we might have been thinking will help us to “be more”.

But…just how often do we Pause to ask what exactly causes us to move forward, stay stuck or regress? What motivates us to change?

Hint: It’s not outside each of us.

It’s what we do with our minds.

Often our current circumstances/conditions may seem to be limiting…in fact, it’s so easy and comforting to just say, “Well this is just how it is, so there’s not a lot I can do about it”…

But isn’t that a way of admitting we’re powerless? Is that really what we want to say? Think? Do?

Joe Dispenza is saying above that we’re NOT powerless at all…

And so I’m challenging us all in 2020 to regularly practice Pausing to Be “Greater Than” in our thoughts: to break out of one or more of our “thinking molds” that has been holding us in concrete and telling us we are limited.

Our circumstances are limiting…only if we choose to see them as such.

The power of our creative mind can break out of any “limiting” situation.

But to truly change, we must be willing to take a moment to remember that the “limit” we are looking at is actually self-imposed. Limits only happen when we choose to stay where we are with our current view, belief, or thought.

Sure it’s much easier to stay the same. Isaac Newton figured this out centuries ago with his First Law of Motion:

“A body at rest will remain at rest, and a body in motion will remain in motion, unless it is acted upon by an external force.”

In our case, the “external force” we need originates in our mind.

We will always stay put emotionally, physically, spiritually if we approach things with the same mindset.

Want change?

Find a way to “think greater than”.


You ARE the creator, the originator, of the external force needed for any change to occur in your life.


Not a family member, a friend, a weather event, a motivational seminar, a letdown, a prize, a compliment or a put down…

Just you.

People, events, words, pictures…are actually neutral…

WE are the ones that assign value and meaning to them, and therein lies their power for us…and over us.

If we start pausing to view our circumstances as neutral…and therefore as opportunities for us to “think greater” about them… our situations become infinitely powerful launching pads for us to change for the greater. They LOSE their power over us because we have altered how we SEE them.

They become less frightening too.

Change IS all about what YOU decide to view and to do about everything that comes your way.


In what circumstance today can I use a Pause to search out a vision greater than the finite circumstance before me…?

In what situation will I choose to begin my curious search for “Greater Than?”

How am I viewing my present environment that is causing restriction in my ability to move forward?


We ARE much much larger than anything placed in our path.

Whenever we remember this, we have immediate access to the freedom and power that is always available to us.

Feeling “stuck” is when we are thinking below or equal to the conditions around us: this is how we blind ourselves to the Path of Change that lies right in front of us.


>Watch out for “knee jerk” reactions in your thoughts: could there be a different way to see what you’re seeing? (Cage…or space beyond?)

>Increase your use of “neutral” labels: “This event is not for me or against me. It is only there for me to practice Thinking Greater.” So…I choose right now, to think “Greater Than”.

(This cage has spaces.)

>Approach with Curiosity, rather than fear.

(I wonder what’s hidden in the spaces?)


>>How is your Year 2020 view starting to change for you?>>>


Happiest New Year to all my Readers! I appreciate your time spent here with me on Power in Pause and I’m looking forward to a year of Thinking Greater along with each of you.

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