“I love these kinds of days, where the weather somehow makes time s t r e t c h out…

And so then our souls can respond with a soft sigh of “Yes!” and do the same!”

JBP 10-04-21

* * * * * *

After two days of rain, and waking up this morning to a third dark, cloudy day of yet more precipitation, I am simply lying in bed listening to the constant soothing sounds of the gift of continuous water from the skies . . .





Flowing down my rooftop

Spattering on the wooden deck

Coursing through the gutters . . .

Each drop seeking to be finally grounded once again after its long fall from a passing cloud.

I can now hear a veritable orchestra

Of instruments



Crescendos and diminuendos.

I suddenly sense . . .

I am, in this moment, living and breathing . . . under a miraculous musical waterfall.

I am as calm and relaxed as this amazing liquid . . .

This giver of sustenance for each life of every creature . . .

That simply goes where it is allowed . . .


The entire journey.

The sun is still “asleep”.

And my body and soul are a sleepy cat, stretching, peering through barely slitted eyes, and then lounging amongst the gentle sounds, eyes closed once again.

I am once again reminded . . .

How my perception of time can be somehow extended by these visiting droplets

How luxuriously stretched and pulled away from the rush of schedules, of whirlwind thoughts, of obligations, that I can be . . .

Simply by pausing to listen to the thoughts inside the rain . . ,

And the lessons it begs to share.

I am once again blessed to realize . . .

Of how being right here

To notice all of this

Is truly the greatest gift of all.

Stop . . .

Listen . . .

What are you being allowed to hear . . .

When the rain calls?

4 thoughts on “Rain Lessons

  1. Thanks Janelle, it’s like I could hear those rain drops hitting the roof, in your writing.

    In these times it’s sssoooo good to be awaken to the Creators simple but fantastic simplicities! Nature at its best to bring you to a natural and deep meditation like event. Thank you for sharing. Love the way you write!

    Hope you and your entire family are doing well and enjoying the wonderful things that life has to offer!

    Blessings to you and yours!

    Mark A. Olson
    President & CEO
    Landstar Development Corporation
    75 Barker Blvd.
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    R3R 2C9
    Office # (204) 953-1460
    Cell # (204)771-7110
    Email Address: molson@landstardev.com
    WEBSITE: http://www.landstardev.com


    1. SO lovely to hear your voice, Mark! Your very kind and encouraging words just add even more to the symphony of my day😊 🎶 and I thank you deeply for taking time to share here.
      I hope you and your family are all doing well and I send all my very best to Leslie and you! 🕉


  2. “Simply by pausing to listen to the thoughts inside the rain . . .” I am visiting Portland, Oregon, where rain is plentiful and your words describe my exact feelings – quite a contrast from the Arizona desert where I live. To give the rain a voice is comforting. Thank you, for once again using your masterful writing to bring nature to life.


    1. You are always welcome, my treasured friend! And what a gift to be able to share the rain’s voice with each other, all the way across the country!! I am so grateful for your chiming in with your beautiful voice🥰


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