“Sometimes we should express our gratitude for the small and simple things like the the scent of the rain, the taste of your favorite food, or the sound of a loved one’s voice.” 
Joseph B. Wirthlin


I am a staunch believer that


Is our strongest Soul Tool.

It changes our minds

About what we think “IS”

And opens the door to a much wider view of…

What “COULD BE”.

It is the purest expression of unconditional Love because, by our choosing thankfulness, we are saying

“I accept (love) this moment/person/situation

Just as it is.

Without labels.

Without judgement…

With a faith, a surety, that there is way more underneath that I, in my humble and limited position, cannot yet see.”

Gratitude is for the tiniest flower…

For the most spectacular sunset…

And everything in between.

No limits.

And so for us?

No excuses to hold back ever.



Say the word Gratitude aloud.

Do you hear the three word “lyrics” to a “spirit song” in that word?

Not yet?

Remove the “Gr” sound from the beginning and the “D” sound from the end.

Now we’re saying…





We’ll need just a dash of poetic license here to discover that…

Gratitude cradles the sounds of three smaller words hidden within:




Appreciation will always “add to” whatever we are experiencing in any moment, no matter what is going on around us or within us.

The practice of seeking opportunities upon which to place our gratitude will always expand our mind, our heart and our soul…

And suddenly we find

We are able to see far more than we did just a few moments ago.

We have just experienced…

The miracle of creation.



Notice where, and then what, in this moment, you would like to “add to” your day.

What “You” do you truly want to show up right now?

An old knee-jerk reaction…

Or a new gentler response?

Quiet over noise?

Speaking up over retreating?

We know what will happen if we choose to repeat what we’ve always done before.

Do we want to do that again?

Can we be brave enough to ask:

“How can I really reflect the True Me?”

Right on the spot, you can choose to practice

“Add It To”

In your situation.

Watching your “IS”

Evolving into your “COULD BE”.


How is this impacting you?


The environment?

And should you feel so called, share a moment here what

“Add It To”

Added To


See Love…Be Love

“Many people think of love as an emotion that comes and goes. In one moment we feel intense love and in the next we feel nothing at all. We may then become consumed by doubts about our relationships or get caught up in an anxious search for love, striving to attract someone who will finally give us the love and approval we’ve longed for. But in truth, love isn’t a capricious emotion but a state of being. It is an experience of unity with all creation. In every moment we can choose to be the presence of love and let that love guide all our words and actions. This choice will transform all of your relationships, including the one with yourself.”

From Daily Message 07-22-19

Day 8, Chopra 21 Day Meditation: “Miraculous Spirit”

I am transformed by these key thoughts:

Love is

“A state of being”…

“Unity with all creation”

So any transformation…

Is created from each single choice we make.

WE decide to choose to be unified…

To look for and pursue~

Whether hidden or apparent~

What best connects us to a person

An object

An experience…

In a way that guides that relationship closer to love

And further from divisiveness.

If I Pause just long enough to act in a loving, less harmful way

I am practicing uncovering more of Who I Am…


And also allowing this revelation to become more true for the being or situation that is before me in that moment.


We are each capable of creating moments of transformation.

By “Seeing” Love…

We will be enabled to reveal Love.



Choose to notice how you are responding

To anything, anyone that is right before you

In this very moment.

A flower

A rainstorm

A traffic jam

A rejection

A beloved one

A persistent “thorn in your side”

A miraculous thought.

Over time

As you practice Pausing


Without judgement

What your “go to” responses are:


Or not?




These labels matter not.

We habitually stick them on from our own limited beliefs and perspectives…

And so they cannot possibly reflect the total truth of something…or someone.

Go forward now…

Choosing your experiences

To hone your loving responses.

Realizing that every single time

Their presence in your life

Is gifting you with the chance to come closer to yourself…

To another…

To Transformation.


Are the ONLY ones

Who can bring Love:

To ourselves…

To our world.

Any time


And we do it









Actively look for Love.

It IS there…

Because YOU are.

Prophet Photos

“The prophet does not ask if the vision can be implemented, for questions of implementation are of no consequence until the vision can be imagined. The imagination must come before the implementation. Our culture is competent to implement almost anything and to imagine almost nothing. The same royal consciousness that makes it possible to implement anything and everything is the one that shrinks imagination because imagination is a danger. Thus every totalitarian regime is frightened of the artist. It is the vocation of the prophet to keep alive the ministry of imagination, to keep on conjuring and proposing futures alternative to the single one the king wants to urge as the only thinkable one. . . .”

Walter Brueggemann, in The Prophetic Imagination


Yes, this is one pithy quote and we can easily find numerous prompts for pondering amongst Brueggemann’s words. Today, I find I am most deeply intrigued by two very powerful concepts.

The first, stated plainly, is the idea of “imagination before implementation”.

And the second presents as a hidden question: What IS the definition of a “prophet”?

Pause and consider:

Can anything be accomplished without there being an initial thought? Our thoughts are the creative force behind our actions. Whether we are consciously aware of a thought or whether it is buried beneath, we are always motivated by our thinking, by our beliefs.

Idea, then, always precedes action.

Suppose I wish to learn about photography.

First there will be a “capturing moment” of awareness that there is something about photos and their creation that is intriguing to me.

I may be drawn closer to this awareness by a photo that captures a whimsical expression of a playful puppy…so I stay a moment longer to steep myself in the humor that it brings to me.

Or perhaps I am drawn to the vivid detail of the shades of orange in a photo of a flower that, had the photographer not paused to snap the shot, I would have bypassed on the sidewalk without a second thought.

Maybe as I walk outside I am thunderstruck by the immense expanse of a mountain skyline or a miraculous sunrise, and find myself longing to “own” this moment for a later time…

As I notice my reactions, a deeper thought appears:

“I wonder if I could learn to take such moments and preserve them in time myself through more artistic photos?”

With such awareness, the possibility of Change…has just been proposed. Even if I am not very likely to launch a career in photography(!) based on this spiritual nudge, what COULD happen…

Because I was curious about Change?

What new joy might it bring to myself, to another…?

What if the appearance of any such a thought is my soul signaling to me of a latent ability as yet unfulfilled?

It is here that I then cross over to “implementation”.

Any change must begin with an idea. With the thought “What if I were to go learn…?”, Brueggemann’s idea of “imagination” has taken place, opening new possibilities of “implementing” this thought. As a result, I may go look for a photography class in my area, perhaps find articles about how to select subjects for a picture, research online the best beginner camera to purchase, or search for an art gallery displaying more photos to further inspire me.


So you can see how important is is that we guard over, and take responsibility for, our thoughts.

We must diligently watch our thoughts:

They contain the Power of Change.


The second inspiration I received from Brueggemann caused me to rethink my concept of a “prophet”. I had, up until this point, always thought of prophets as singular and rare individuals, often divinely appointed to bring ideas, new “imaginations”, in order to shift a currently reality to a better one…someone who “shakes up the norm” so we cannot “unsee” what they are telling us. They were unique, brilliant and special…and certainly NOT ME! Prophets were charged with inspiring the remainder of humanity to listen in wide-eyed wonder as they presented deep truths, clarified our purpose and paths for us…more often than not to the point of deeper mental, spiritual and/or emotional discomfort.

But then I got MY thought shift:

What happens if we begin to see OURSELVES as unique and special…as actual “prophets”?

I mean this in the sense of the responsibility we each carry during each moment of each day:

Essentially, are we not moving through our hours and days “implementing” whatever we have first been “inspired” with?

James Clear writes:

“Every action you take is like a vote for the kind of person you want to be.”

If I choose to see my words and deeds as “prophetic”, this means I am broadcasting messages constantly…everywhere I go…

Whether I want to, plan to…or not…

I am always prophesying.

Ever stopped to observe WHAT you are saying with the way you live your life?


In essence, my actions are the photos of my thoughts…

And I am continuously leaving behind a legacy with every one of my “thought/action prophecies”.

Do you see how we are actually each “prophets”, voting for the “kind of person [we] want to be”?

Can you come to terms with the fact that YOU are a Prophet too?

We must decide to be willing to pause to notice…and evaluate the messages we are sending.

We are called to trace back to the “thought water drop” that “inspired” the stream we are creating…

A stream that is “implementing” an ocean born of our own choices.


Today, see if you can notice three times the action you are taking and then trace it to the thought or belief that brought you there.

(Caveat: This may take more time…our roots often run deep. But the knowledge gleaned from the search is crucial for our forward spiritual momentum.)


Consider one (or more!) of the following questions:

How am I showing up right now?

Is this truly how I WANT to show up?

Why or why not?

Is this the prophecy I wish to reveal…about my soul…about my heart?

What vote am I casting

In this moment…

For the Prophet I Truly Want To Be?

Whom do you wish to reveal…

In your own Prophet Photo?

And what inspiration…

Will you now implement

To prepare for your very next Prophet Photo Op…

That “votes” for the Truth of Who You Are?

The 99% Rule: Part 3 of 3

“Ninety-nine percent of what bothers you is about you. Ninety-nine percent of what bothers others has nothing to do with you.”

Deborah Adele, excerpt from The Yamas & Niyamas; chapter on “Svadhyaya” (Self-Study)

In our third segment for this blog, we will more deeply explore Adele’s point that we are in need of a perspective reassessment…

And in her view, that’s 99% of the time!

Oh my…now that’s way more responsibility than I bargained for!

But…daring to look more closely, I find that yes, I am definitely living my life focusing on the importance of what is in the “99% outside”…and not enough focus upon my more important internal “99%”.

Do you do this too?


Let’s face it: we humans don’t like pain or discomfort of any kind and when we choose to function in the 99% outside, we are simply trying to avoid internal turmoil, pain or vulnerability by shifting blame to another source.

Let’s take the phrase…

“YOU made me feel angry!”

This statement, spoken (or not!), is a move away from self and towards another.

Rather than taking a few moments to understand WHY we are angry, sitting with that discomfort of facing ourselves… we access relief in projecting it outside, away from ourselves.

If we will Pause to access our “friend”, Curiosity, choosing for a moment to bypass our fear, we could ask instead:

“What are reasons I might feel this way?

What do I really need in this moment?

Am I willing to express this need?

Why or why not?”

Our tiny word “Why” can take us a loooong way as we dig deeper…and if we are persistent, we WILL get to the root of our discomfort. Frequently we may find ourselves traveling far back into our past to an event that actually created a belief…a belief that we discover is now providing a foundation for much of what we perceive, project and do in our lives. AND suddenly we realize we no longer want this as a foundation…because it no longer “matches” Who We Are.

This “Digging With Why” is how we start to take responsibility for Our 99%.

Yes, it takes time.

Yes, it takes some work.

But there is no one else to do this: if we are not willing to look at our own stuff first, nothing “out there” is ever going to change.


At the end of her chapter on Svadhyaya, Adele continues with these suggestions:

“This week notice how you turn the [99% quote above] around, blaming others for your own problems and taking responsibility for other’s problems. Practice taking responsibility for yourself and letting others be responsible for themselves.”

Strong words.

Okay, that’s quite a lot of work…and I’ve been this way for a long time…

Can I really Change?


Because I can do this one Pause at a time…the entire bundle of transformation needs not happen all at once.

Since we are, ever and only, victims of our OWN thoughts,

We can either stay the same…

Or not.

Fleet Maull writes:

“Any time you attribute the cause of your happiness or unhappiness, satisfaction or dissatisfaction to something outside yourself, you give away your power.”

It’s very draining to be giving away power…

Yet we all do it…often.


We forget (or refuse!) to access our Pause.

But without our Pause, we will remain unaware we are giving away power.

Accessing Pause helps us begin to untangle ourselves from the mental and emotional habits that weaken us and move into self-acceptance and self-love.


I’ve been observing lately what a juggling act I am trying to perform: SO many balls in the air that I want to direct (people, situations)…when I really need only toss one “ball” in the air…


Taking care of my 99% is more than enough…

And is actually all that was, is, and ever will be, required of me.

As I become clearer about my beliefs, my motives, and their attached emotions and needs, I can begin to decide how I want to “organize” my unique 99%. THEN I will be better prepared to see what is going on around me and be more precise about how my interactions can be positive and balanced, reflecting my purest, truest self…and allowing others to be freed to do the same.

And oh! Remember that Control we are constantly seeking?

Taking care of our own 99% will actually result in reestablishing control, freeing us from our trap of believing we must/should be in charge of everyone else’s 99%!

After all…

That’s THEIRS!



Today, take a few moments for yourself.


Consider Adele’s passages.


Go inside to find what you’ve been looking for “outside” all this time.

Be curious.

Be brave.

Seek balance…one moment at a time.

It IS always worth the time and work.


Seek now to commit to this “Rule of 99%”…


Where you have Power.

You will always be 110% surprised by the results that your curiosity and perseverance will bring…

Once you become aware of the impact of The 99% Rule!

The 99% Rule: Part 2 of 3

“Ninety-nine percent of what bothers you is about you. Ninety-nine percent of what bothers others has nothing to do with you.”

Deborah Adele, excerpt from The Yamas & Niyamas; chapter on “Svadhyaya” (Self-Study)

So we were wondering in the previous blog how we can possibly find a feeling of “control” when everything around us is predictably unpredictable and oftentimes not a match for “how we want things to be.”

The hope and power in our lives comes from moving forward based on this thought:

In the midst of all this disarray,

we must remind ourselves we actually ARE in charge.


How can that be so?!

Because WE EACH get to decide HOW each of us responds individually as we we go along.

Our choice.

Our path.

Since no single one of us could ever have control over everything or everyone outside of us, we are left with only one simple choice:

We need to practice controlling only OURSELVES…

Our own individual responses.

No one else’s.

Nothing else.

Just ourself.

This idea truly brings relief…


And blessed Sanity.

By choosing this perspective, we actually DO have control in this seemingly topsy turvy world. The problems occur when we try to effect our individual control where it is never intended to be.

That is:

Anywhere that is NOT within us.

Now this does NOT mean we just sit back and say,

“Well, that’s how things are.”

Or “This or that person/situation is never going to change.”

Or “I’m helpless.”

On the contrary.

By Pausing to evaluate, instead of automatically forcing our “right” way to do things or expect things…

or giving up and walking away, or running away in terror…

we can step gently away and re-evaluate HOW we want to be involved…how we want to truly show up and “shine” in any situation.

We practice electing instead a mindset that chooses only actions that cause no damage…to others, to our environment…and yet at the same time, to ourselves.

In effect, we make up our mind to show up with a different pattern of thought and behavior.


Since we are striving to do no harm in all areas –

people, environment, self –

Our actions must be balanced…and this presents our challenge. For with each “problem” I perceive, I will need to seek solutions that promote others AND at the same time promote myself…

I will be striving to balance Outside Myself with Inside Myself.

How about that for a complex solution?!


We’ll need that Pause a lot…

In order to give us time to practice habitually putting ourselves in a perspective of Love and Compassion for EVERYONE and EVERYTHING involved.

We’re looking for Win/Win here.


Some of us may be used to pushing our agendas through without allowing more time to consider the position of “other side”; then there are others among us who often do not speak up in a firm or timely manner so that we often get lost in the equation.

These two scenarios seem at first to both be Win/Lose.

But I propose that if there is a “Loser”…then even the “Winner” loses…

Because without finding a balancing solution, there is always damage to both sides.


Both forcing and succumbing stem from Fear:

Of not being heard…

Of not being loved…

Of not being enough.

Or simply not remembering we are EACH equally valuable.

We forget that we DO have other options than forcing, running, hiding or giving in.

But we won’t see these hidden solutions unless we Pause long enough to seek them.

How can we develop the kind of openness that this new kind of “being in control” requires?

Please meet me in Part 3 to discover Deborah Adele’s suggestion for putting the 99% Rule into action in your life.

The 99% Rule: Part 1 of 3

“Ninety-nine percent of what bothers you is about you. Ninety-nine percent of what bothers others has nothing to do with you.”

Deborah Adele, excerpt from The Yamas & Niyamas; chapter on “Svadhyaya” (Self-Study)


Adele’s words carry a punch that quickly brings us to a reality check…IF we’re willing to be curious about our current viewpoints. I find this quote freeing because it helps me see how I am holding on to so many things that are not truly necessary: Adele’s pointed words inspire me to examine more deeply the beliefs underlying WHY I feel I must be in charge of so many things.


Is that “Control” I see lurking behind those kinds of thoughts?

I never thought of myself as a controlling person…until I read this. And I am now beginning to realize it’s not necessarily my outward actions that I need to examine here. It’s what’s going on inside with my thoughts.

Of course we all would love to be in control! We’d choose all the “right” weather, the most uplifting responses from our loved ones, the smoothest quickest traffic, optimal health, more impressive talents, copious positive feelings…(I think you know how to add on here, so have at it!)

But I see too that if we’re so busy choosing and orchestrating everything, feeling frustrated and stressed and even victimized when things didn’t quite match our “Control Template”, we eventually find we are actually losing control of the one gift we DO have:

Our present moment.

Right now.

Our Past and our Future only hold power through the attention we give them.

But NOW…is the only point in time that anything can be observed, evaluated and changed.

And not only do we have to Pause to do that…we need to choose to do so on a regular basis, not just sporadically.

So consider this: what will be happening if MY idea of what is “just right” doesn’t quite match someone else’s? Doesn’t quite match what is happening right now?

What response do I typically choose:




With any of those, I’m going to be experiencing some level of upset, usually resulting in a mixture of mayhem mentally, emotionally and/or physically.

Pause Point:

Do I really want to keep repeating choices that invoke such mayhem?


We’ve all been there.

We plan this or that.

Expect this or that.

And then life will go and hand us…

Exactly “NOT What We Wanted”.

So infuriating.

So unfair.

So crushing.

So wrong, right?


So normal.

We wish people and situations to be different and we just KNOW we (and others) would have been happier if things were just a bit different…if only OUR plan had come to be, instead of what did happen.

And yet…as I Pause…that idea really doesn’t make sense.

It’s a “too many chefs in the kitchen” equation, with everyone’s expectations simultaneously desired.

Nothing would EVER work out ALL the time.

And isn’t that the definition of Life…of the “Reality” that so often marches right up and hands us what we DIDN’T want?

So I’m thinking…

Okay…maybe the way things are set up is the only way our world COULD work. The variety, the contrast, the ups and downs, the successes and disappointments…it’s all a “wholistic” smorgasbord of infinite available possibilities.

For me.

For you.

For everyone.


So HOW in the world can we prepare for times when things do not fit in with what we believe and want…

Because things WILL go awry.

But does this mean we just have to accept being “unmoored”, subject to everything that comes our way…and therefore unable to direct our own lives?

IS there an alternative?


Join me in Part Two to explore further.

Home…In An Instant

“For one breath, release all tasks, fears and regrets that aren’t necessary to exist in this moment.

There: you’ve just visited Home.”

Martha Beck

Martha Beck definitely gets the “Nutshell Award” for this quote!

When we are forced to look at what is NOT necessary in THIS moment…

We can see right away that we are already carrying more than we need for THIS moment.

We are so automatic in how we take on what are so often extraneous thoughts and emotions that keep us from truly being Awake Right Now.

Just Pausing…brings us face to face with this ingrained pattern we all have!


Let’s go Home for just a moment, shall we?

We take one breath.

Release the extra stuff we really didn’t want anyway.


Just take another moment to notice how that feels…

In your mind

Your body

Your spirit.

Be with that for just a few more breaths.

How is it…

Being back Home again?


Our task is to practice repeating this single Pause/Breath/Notice/Release as often as we can…

Becoming Masters in the process.

One step of one breath…

Becoming, over time, a series of single droplets 💧 of release.

Pause and try it just once.

You will be amazed at the simplicity…

And you will WANT to repeat it…

Because it is Freedom for your Soul, Mind and Body.

You won’t believe what you can let go of.

But what is even MORE wonderful is that the motivation for future repetition…

Lies in the very act of simply DOING it.

It’s all inclusive.

One breath.

At a time.


Do this for YOU today.

Go Home Now .

Then return Home as often as you can remember.

See what happens each time.

I would love to hear of your experiences with this!

Beyond All Ideas

“One of the most commonly overlooked spiritual practices is daring to be completely honest with everyone you encounter. Some may say others cannot handle their honesty, but true honesty is not a strategy or a weapon of any kind. 
It is the willingness to be open and absolutely transparent in sharing how any moment feels in your heart. It has nothing to do with confrontation, accusation, or any form of blame. True honesty is the willingness to stand completely exposed, allowing the world to do what it may, and say what it will, only so you may know who you are – beyond all ideas. 
Matt Kahn

These words are profoundly wise and I love how they encourage us to speak and act in love, choosing words and actions that will do no harm BOTH to ourselves and to those with whom we interact.

To connect with another in that single moment, not solely to reveal ourselves to them, but even more, to awaken to our seeing ourselves anew…

This is the ultimate expression of being Present. It first takes awareness to realize we have been gifted with the opportunity to share Who We Are…

And then it takes courage to seize that only precious chance and go with it….

To see Who appears.

If we are able for even a moment to release our fear of being judged or rejected or misunderstood, we come to realize that it was not just about fearing what another’s response would be…

It was more so about coming face to face with our own judgement, our own rejection and our own misunderstanding…


When all is said and done, it is almost always ultimately never about the other person…

It is about you.

What you are seeing outside you…?

What is affecting you…?

Is sourced within you.




“Why would I ever choose to share honestly how my heart is feeling in any moment? That’s just too much risk and I don’t want to be hurt.”

But what is really my purpose in such sharing?

Am I seeking acceptance?

Reciprocal love?


Are these really the best reasons for me to reveal deeper pieces of myself?

Or is there a more transformative motive I could choose?

If I could shift my intention instead…to seeking to learn something more of my hidden self…

Some new strength

Some new talent

Some new thought waiting to step onto the stage….

Could I simply be curious about Who might show up, if given this chance….?

If I refrained a bit more from my tendency to place so much importance on the capricious responses of other people, other situations…and rather allowed Myself to stand in instead as the one to be accepted, loved and appreciated…BY ME…

What sort of results might I see then?


Pause once more.

Imagine just one thing about yourself that you will reveal today…some piece of yourself you have been avoiding…or maybe not quite being fully transparent about.

Imagine yourself being just a little more open, as you step out from behind that cloak of fear that accompanies this. You turn to see that fear…and you notice that you are separate. You are no longer connected…you are free.

Imagine the words or actions you will choose that show your deep intention…that you will neither harm yourself or another.

Notice how this experience is feeling in your body…and where you are feeling it. Breathe there.

Notice how your mind is responding?

“Shall I

Fight, flight, freeze?!

Or breathe once again and stay a moment more with my avoidance.”

Notice now what your heart is trying to say…

To your choice to be (as Kahn states) :

“Who You Are – beyond all ideas”?

Notice what happens…

When you finally go “beyond all ideas”

And create in your own life…

What you have imagined first in your heart?

En-Lightened Vessels

“In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.”

Deepak Chopra

Which do I desire more:

To maintain the “knowns” of my Past memories…

Or to uncover what is “yet to be known” of my Undiscovered Self?

The former is stasis.

The latter is change.

The one harbors energy.

The other releases it.

The first commits to carrying everything and is chained to the ground…

The second soars above, free.


Pause and consider:

What if our “Loss”…

Is actually “Gain”?

Could this be?

If the root of my desires is truly to bring Change into my life…

Into my world…

Then my path for each (and yes, every!) decision I make is to relinquish what has gone before


Without exception…


So I may make room within…

So I may create a spacious spirit.

So I may



Who I Truly Am.


Tao Te Ching 4 speaks of the utility of an empty vessel.

It is only useful in its inner space…in its emptiness.

Fill it once

Leave it so…and it will never be filled again.

But empty it?

Now it is ready to be filled anew.


We were never created to “hold” things over time.

We were created to be filled and then to pour out

Over and over.

We are Beings of Light (radiance)

And we are Light Beings (weightless).

We are intended to be Emptying Vessels that pour light everywhere…

Remaining ever expectant to be refilled and emptied

Once again.



Close your eyes.

Breathe deeply.


Select one thought or emotion that is filling you…

That may be keeping you from being refilled.





Pouring this out.

Feel the Vessel that is Your Soul

Becoming a little lighter.

Breathe again.


Notice where within you that this lightness is showing up.



Allow gratitude for that lightness to fill the space you have just created.


Pour again.



See if you can use this imagery two more times today, noting how it feels each time

Within mind, body or spirit.



I Pause to choose thoughts and actions that create radiance and weightlessness in my life.

My gratitude is the source of my lightness.

I am pouring out now.

I am empty again.

I am ready to be filled.

I am honoring Who I Am.

The Soil of Now

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all that you ever have.

Make the Now the primary focus of your life.”

Eckhart Tolle

What happens when I am feeling out of control? When I feel I am being pummeled by life and believe I cannot take it? When I feel I cannot “do it all”, “be it all”, “stand any more”?

Sometimes just “being” with our feelings, thoughts, circumstances is so overwhelming and we will seek any way to escape…and there are myriad ways to do so.

But if we look more closely, we will find that we evade the “fight” and take “flight” by either returning to dwell in our Past or scurrying forward towards our Future…

And then we often find ourselves staying there overlong.

But Past and Future are “not Here” and so in a sense, they are “not Real”.

We may touch upon them…

But we really aren’t welcome to “stay” there because our souls were never intended to thrive there.

For Souls grow best in the Soil of Now.


“Living” in the Past fills us with wishes to:

~Change it because we regret it

(Does regret change the Past? No, but it can be used to implement change right now.)

~Push it away because we resent it

(Does resentment change what what was done? No, but it can be regarded and molded into something positive Now.)

~Immerse ourselves because we “deserve to be punished”

(Does self-recrimination change what occurred? No, but it can help us learn to look for the “Why’s” behind such thoughts and feelings so we may begin to heal Now.)

~Hold it tightly because we cherish it.

(Holding a lovely memory allows us to relive what nurtured us. Keep it too long tho, and a sadness may appear. But to feel briefly, breathe and then release? We then receive the beautiful gifts from our past to brighten our Now for a moment or two.)

“Living” in the Future fills us with:

~Fear and anxiety over what could be…”What If?!”

(Can such thoughts really change what will be?)

~Anticipation over an expectation of a positive outcome

(Does this bring about the positive outcome? Sometimes not…and we have all known disappointments when we have grasped an expectation too tightly. But the energy of expectation and hope can be enjoyed as it touches our heart for a few breaths before we free it to move on.)


The point here is not to say “NEVER visit either place.”

It is rather to say,

“Be watchful over how MUCH time you spend there.”

Balance is key.

“Living” in either place is not Reality. In both places…

We find ourselves, on some deeper levels, lost and ill at ease.

This is because we are…

Living where we are not intended to live.

This is because Past and Future are actually inaccessible:

We have no control over either because we are truly incompatible with LIVING there. We can’t actually DO anything while there.


The Present IS, as Tolle so wisely states “all that you ever have.”

And yet we squander this gift over and over as we run frantically back and forth between Past and Present.

So just how much time do we spend in Now?

What are we doing right now…

With our own Now?

It is only Here Now that our opportunity for any control exists.

And also be aware: this is only regarding OUR OWN control…not anyone else’s. I am in charge of me…

And you, of you.

Him, of himself.

Them, of themselves.

Once we realize that all change in our lives can ONLY be created in our own Present Moment…

This then becomes the exact point in time we are freed.


The Past can be visited, yes.

The Future can be planned, of course.

But they are not where we are created to dwell…to LIVE…

And as for all that we carry that does not serve us?

Look closely and we can see that it is either sourced from our being mired in the Past or perhaps by our being hypnotized as we gaze at a shimmering, shifting Future.

Our Present, though…

Feels light.

Shines as light.

It is…




Ever accessible.



Ask yourself right now:

WHERE am I “Living”…right now?

How much time is spent in my Now vs. Past or Future?

Do I need to change my mind about the length of my stays?

Look more closely at Why I stay?

Uncover what it is I am avoiding about Now because it is too hard to BE with…and decide to be with, and breathe with it, for just a few moments in spite of how I feel about it?


Just Pausing to be curious brings you into your own unique Present.

So now…

Ask your newly unfettered self…

“What Seed Thought will I plant in the Soil of MY Gift of Now?”

Then take your Seed Thought,

Move lightly

One step

Towards that image of Planting and Growing.,,

Creating a beauty that was not there before.

See the new image in all its color?

This is You.




Welcome back.