“Sometimes we should express our gratitude for the small and simple things like the the scent of the rain, the taste of your favorite food, or the sound of a loved one’s voice.” 
Joseph B. Wirthlin


I am a staunch believer that


Is our strongest Soul Tool.

It changes our minds

About what we think “IS”

And opens the door to a much wider view of…

What “COULD BE”.

It is the purest expression of unconditional Love because, by our choosing thankfulness, we are saying

“I accept (love) this moment/person/situation

Just as it is.

Without labels.

Without judgement…

With a faith, a surety, that there is way more underneath that I, in my humble and limited position, cannot yet see.”

Gratitude is for the tiniest flower…

For the most spectacular sunset…

And everything in between.

No limits.

And so for us?

No excuses to hold back ever.



Say the word Gratitude aloud.

Do you hear the three word “lyrics” to a “spirit song” in that word?

Not yet?

Remove the “Gr” sound from the beginning and the “D” sound from the end.

Now we’re saying…





We’ll need just a dash of poetic license here to discover that…

Gratitude cradles the sounds of three smaller words hidden within:




Appreciation will always “add to” whatever we are experiencing in any moment, no matter what is going on around us or within us.

The practice of seeking opportunities upon which to place our gratitude will always expand our mind, our heart and our soul…

And suddenly we find

We are able to see far more than we did just a few moments ago.

We have just experienced…

The miracle of creation.



Notice where, and then what, in this moment, you would like to “add to” your day.

What “You” do you truly want to show up right now?

An old knee-jerk reaction…

Or a new gentler response?

Quiet over noise?

Speaking up over retreating?

We know what will happen if we choose to repeat what we’ve always done before.

Do we want to do that again?

Can we be brave enough to ask:

“How can I really reflect the True Me?”

Right on the spot, you can choose to practice

“Add It To”

In your situation.

Watching your “IS”

Evolving into your “COULD BE”.


How is this impacting you?


The environment?

And should you feel so called, share a moment here what

“Add It To”

Added To


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