“Many people think of love as an emotion that comes and goes. In one moment we feel intense love and in the next we feel nothing at all. We may then become consumed by doubts about our relationships or get caught up in an anxious search for love, striving to attract someone who will finally give us the love and approval we’ve longed for. But in truth, love isn’t a capricious emotion but a state of being. It is an experience of unity with all creation. In every moment we can choose to be the presence of love and let that love guide all our words and actions. This choice will transform all of your relationships, including the one with yourself.”

From Daily Message 07-22-19

Day 8, Chopra 21 Day Meditation: “Miraculous Spirit”

I am transformed by these key thoughts:

Love is

“A state of being”…

“Unity with all creation”

So any transformation…

Is created from each single choice we make.

WE decide to choose to be unified…

To look for and pursue~

Whether hidden or apparent~

What best connects us to a person

An object

An experience…

In a way that guides that relationship closer to love

And further from divisiveness.

If I Pause just long enough to act in a loving, less harmful way

I am practicing uncovering more of Who I Am…


And also allowing this revelation to become more true for the being or situation that is before me in that moment.


We are each capable of creating moments of transformation.

By “Seeing” Love…

We will be enabled to reveal Love.



Choose to notice how you are responding

To anything, anyone that is right before you

In this very moment.

A flower

A rainstorm

A traffic jam

A rejection

A beloved one

A persistent “thorn in your side”

A miraculous thought.

Over time

As you practice Pausing


Without judgement

What your “go to” responses are:


Or not?




These labels matter not.

We habitually stick them on from our own limited beliefs and perspectives…

And so they cannot possibly reflect the total truth of something…or someone.

Go forward now…

Choosing your experiences

To hone your loving responses.

Realizing that every single time

Their presence in your life

Is gifting you with the chance to come closer to yourself…

To another…

To Transformation.


Are the ONLY ones

Who can bring Love:

To ourselves…

To our world.

Any time


And we do it









Actively look for Love.

It IS there…

Because YOU are.

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