“For one breath, release all tasks, fears and regrets that aren’t necessary to exist in this moment.

There: you’ve just visited Home.”

Martha Beck

Martha Beck definitely gets the “Nutshell Award” for this quote!

When we are forced to look at what is NOT necessary in THIS moment…

We can see right away that we are already carrying more than we need for THIS moment.

We are so automatic in how we take on what are so often extraneous thoughts and emotions that keep us from truly being Awake Right Now.

Just Pausing…brings us face to face with this ingrained pattern we all have!


Let’s go Home for just a moment, shall we?

We take one breath.

Release the extra stuff we really didn’t want anyway.


Just take another moment to notice how that feels…

In your mind

Your body

Your spirit.

Be with that for just a few more breaths.

How is it…

Being back Home again?


Our task is to practice repeating this single Pause/Breath/Notice/Release as often as we can…

Becoming Masters in the process.

One step of one breath…

Becoming, over time, a series of single droplets 💧 of release.

Pause and try it just once.

You will be amazed at the simplicity…

And you will WANT to repeat it…

Because it is Freedom for your Soul, Mind and Body.

You won’t believe what you can let go of.

But what is even MORE wonderful is that the motivation for future repetition…

Lies in the very act of simply DOING it.

It’s all inclusive.

One breath.

At a time.


Do this for YOU today.

Go Home Now .

Then return Home as often as you can remember.

See what happens each time.

I would love to hear of your experiences with this!

4 thoughts on “Home…In An Instant

  1. Every morning, I take a walk and then sit for awhile…..15/20minutes, on a bench in a park doing exactly as you’ve suggested here, Janelle. I come back feeling refreshed, renewed and in brighter spirits. Breathing and concentrating on that, especially outside in nature, really changes my perspective on things. Thank you Janelle!


    1. You are more than welcome, Dawn! And I am appreciating your reminder to me about the importance of reconnecting regularly with nature. Somehow being amongst the plants, animals, fresh air…sun, breezes, raindrops…all tiny reflections of peace and opportunities to find home again.
      Thank you for your beautiful words, Dawn, showing how we may “find home” in each day of our lives.

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  2. Our yoga teacher often invites us during class, after doing a few sun salutations, to take a deep breath, raise our arms and then bring them down in prayer pose. She says, “Come back to your home, the place where you started, where you feel most at peace.” This is what your post reminded me of today. Thank you for the reminder that I can do this without being in yoga class, but any time, any where.


    1. Freedom IS ever available.
      Thank you, Carole for “re-minding” us that home is with us wherever we are…
      Any moment we stop to choose.

      I love the freedom we are given just simply knowing we have accessibility to “home” any time, any where…unattached to any person, place, event or thing…it just IS THERE always, unconditionally.
      This realization certainly can change how we are viewing or feeling right in that moment, shifting us onto a new course that more matches “who we are” at our soul level.
      “Where we started”…
      “Where we feel most at peace”…
      We can have “home”

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