“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.”


I don’t usually post twice in one day…

And I would apologize for visiting your inbox overmuch today…

But I’m not feeling guilty

For what I am about to give you.

Not one bit.

A few minutes ago, this opportunity came along and said to me,


The beautiful flower souls pictured above actually live atop a hill in my yard…gracing my life this miraculous summer day of warm sun and cool breezes.

And after I responded to their call to snap a picture, I knew you would need to see them as well…

And know who they are.


Are they miraculous or what?!?!

Just look at that happy intense color, that exuberant burst of energy…

I watch them as they seem simply to hug the sun with their starry petals and just bask there, brightly reflecting their yellow Sister in the Sky and sharing joy with whomever comes by!!

I am

In this moment

So blessed to BE…

And to SEE…

In this world!!

Oh to reflect such





In my life…

The way that they do.

Thank you, beautiful souls, shining today in my garden, for speaking to me…

And capturing my heart!


What do you see…

Right now?

What gifts are before you

Just waiting for you to BE…

So you can SEE…

Even more than before?

Where might your current source of gratitude be presenting itself to you?

Whether hidden or not, it IS there, I assure you.

Take a Pause…

And find what you are to love…

Right Now.


So you can SEE

The gift of your very own

Sparkling Moment.

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