I needn’t say too much here, as this photo definitely speaks for itself! I was deeply amused when I came upon this irresistible desert scene, just begging for me to stop and pay attention! I am so glad I captured it to add to my photo collection: every time I see it, it is always fresh and vibrant, bringing me such joy! And each time, I am immediately grateful for being surrounded by the gift of Nature, with all its lessons hiding in plain sight…if only I would just pause a moment or two to notice them!

Take a couple of minutes for yourself and comb slowly through the details of this picture.

What is going on here?

What might the “characters” and their surroundings be revealing to you right now?

Is there a story being told?

How creative can you get?!

(Don’t worry…you will see exactly what you need to see, every time!)

If you like, share here something you found that brought meaning to you.

Or maybe you make an intention to take what you discovered and “reflect” it or “merge” it in during an interaction with someone or with Nature during the course of your day today.

Afterwards, whatever you did, just notice what happens next – either outside you or inside you or both – and let that experience simmer in your Heart for a few moments.

Do you feel any shifting or loosening inside? Any change in perception?

Finally, within 24 to 48 hours, make it a point to return once again to the picture to see what other messages show up that you didn’t “see” the first time.

You will be surprised!

Have fun in your adventures with Nature today!

And PS:

A giant Thank You and much Love to the “Stars” cast in our photo:

Saguaro Tall, Saguaro Small, Rustic Mesquite Tree…and of course, the Shy Palo Verde!

One thought on “How To Hug A Cactus

  1. For one who loves hearts, I see a heart surrounding the mother and baby cactus. Reminds me of how Mother Nature takes care of her own, even those who are “different” – and I can learn so much by her example. Thanks for the reminder.


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