“Breathing in, I calm my body;

Breathing out, I smile.

Dwelling in the present moment

I know this is a wonderful moment.”

Thích Nhât Hanh, Being Peace

(And also Hanh’s shorter version: “Calming, smiling.

Present moment, wonderful moment.”)

In this simple, profoundly beautiful quote, I have discovered a perfect “reset button”.

Easy to remember.


Overflowing with Truth.

And especially…comforting. As I began to read Hanh’s book Being Peace today, I was struck with the remembrance that we ALL have the power to access peace within…

And the practice and process can begin with just one simple breath…

Coupled with that elusive smile we hunger for in our exterior worlds.

We have the tools ~

We’ve always had them ~

To BE Peace.

And therefore, to BRING Peace.


And Outside.

Whether I am in a state of worry for myself, for another, for our world so full of turmoil…

If I can just allow myself the gift of a Pause…

Breath in calm

Re-adjust my face while breathing out a Smile (Remember, tiny is just as powerful as great!)

Dwell in that moment of stillness…

Then I WILL Know Peace

Take a moment today…or as soon as possible!…to show yourself Love and recite this poetic treasure from Thich Nhat Hanh

“Breathing in, I calm my body;

Breathing out, I smile.

Dwelling in the present moment

I know this is a wonderful moment.”

Watch what happens…

As you breath

As you smile

As you become still

As you experiment with Knowing just a little more than you did a moment ago

I would love to hear what effects you notice, no matter their size…

Whether internal or external.

In the world of Pause, significance lies always in what IS…


What IS this quote bringing into your life right NOW?

Hanh assures us:

“A smile makes you master of yourself.”

How does this practice bring you into a position of mastery?


With whom?

Doing what?


Go Smile…

And see.

4 thoughts on “Smile Power

    1. This “breathe in and smile” sequence has been a game changer for me these last few days, sometimes for pleasant experiences, sometimes during moments less so. It always brings me back into focus.
      And yes~ Yoga is such a wonderful Teacher for accessing our constant stabilizer: the very act of breathing…and the one companion coping tool we are never without.
      Now…to practice having the presence of mind to utilize it, hmmm?😊
      Thank you Craig for your voice here.


  1. “I found peace today at the top of a mountain outside of Telluride, Colorado. There was only the sound of the quaking aspens and the cool, clear water rushing in a nearby creek. I stopped. I listened. I smelled the freshness of the forest. And I felt the peace within me and all around me. Thank you for reminding us to pause, experience the world around us, and feel the peace of doing that.”


    1. Your words brought me to the mountain along with you…vibrant, alive and crisp because you “stopped”…and noticed…and in a way, “became” or maybe merged into, what was happening around you. Because you were immersed, you enabled me to be so as well. Hmmm…This makes me wonder…how our own moments of awareness may be the very keys to connection with others, with our world, that we yearn for so deeply, and seek so diligently.
      Thank you for your beautiful moment shared.


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