Exactly what you wish to receive.”


We often feel sad or anxious or angry

That there are things that are “missing” in our life.

This could be a closer relationship

Or even a relationship, period.

Perhaps it’s

More appreciation

More respect

More beauty…

It could be

More money


Or clothing…

Maybe more peace

More compassion

More understanding.

Always we sense there should be “more”

Because in some ways, we see ourselves

Or our lives

As “lacking”


“Not enough.”

But what if these missing “puzzle pieces”

Are our teachers?

Our tools?

Our chance to change the direction of our path?

What if the “More”…

Needs to come FROM me

Not TO me?

What would happen if I took any one of those “missing pieces”

And gave them instead to someone else?

…If I began practicing looking for people or places that are offering me opportunities

Right now

To give out

Just exactly what I BELIEVE I want to have in my own life?


Pause a few moments.

What do you see missing in your life?

Name it.

Speak a phrase of gratitude for that feeling of “lack”.

You are actually now one single step away

From receiving what you need.


Look for someone

Or somewhere

To give that very thing away…

In place of wishing it for yourself.


Our puzzles 🧩

Will fill in

Piece by piece…

And peace by peace…

As we help others to fill theirs.

One thought on “Puzzle Pieces

  1. I have heard myself say that the advice I am giving to a dear friend is advice I realize I need to hear myself. Your post today reminds me that this can go both ways. What I see lacking in others is what I most need and I what I wish I had is what I am not giving enough of. Thank you for the amazing quote by that very wise woman I am privileged to call my friend.


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