“When we imagine suffering, we suffer. When we imagine joy, we rejoice. Imagination is the superpower of the human species. Use your powers for good.”

Martha Beck

What are you thinking right now?


How about now?


And now?


To imagine, we must choose to Pause long enough to do so.

What we imagine, we bring into existence.

So even in our darkest times, we can always envision “Light”…just like the small spotlight shining on the flower in the picture above:

Darkness surrounds the flower…yet it glows with the light before it.

Imagination is the “light” before our eyes.


How will you use your “superpower” for good today?


Today’s challenge:

Search your heart for just one single compassionate “superpower move” you could enact.

Envision how you could bring this “move” to life, somewhere, sometime, into your activities today.

See yourself going through this action and completing it, step by step. It’s important to see yourself doing it; just thinking about it – or hoping it – is not enough.

See your vision happening.


Sometime today…

Act upon it.

Say to yourself:

“I am brave. My heart has chosen. I am now empowered.”

Repeat these phrases as needed.

Observe your thoughts, feelings and needs surrounding this action: before, during after the action.

What comes up?

Continue to observe what is happening within your mind, your body, your spirit…before, during, after…

but always carefully refrain from judgement during this adventure.

(Yes! It really is an adventure!)

Notice what roles Fear might be playing.


Do not back off from following through with your action.

A Superhero/Superheroine never backs away…

Because they have already “seen” it happening.

Will yourself – steel yourself – to go through with this action that your heart has chosen.

And then notice what is shifting in your life because you have taken this action.


Repeat this imagination process

With another action…

And another.


And again.

And see your strength improve as you do.

You are getting stronger every moment you use your Powers.

We are all practicing…


So we are never alone.


We are ALL




Find yours.

Acknowledge it.

Love it.

And then share it today.

And each day that follows.


Oh…And by the way…


You have more than one Superpower.

So get ready to



2 thoughts on “What Is Your “Superpower”?

  1. I believe one of my superpowers is to share what I learn about self care on my Fuzzy Red Socks blog twice a month. And just as you do here at Power in Pause, I have to dig deep and be disciplined to keep my commitment to myself to follow through and make it happen. I imagine myself being a writer and helping others take better care of themselves. If I don’t keep that thought in the forefront of my mind, I can go to the darker place of “Who am I to be telling people how to take care of themselves?” or, “I’m a terrible writer and no one wants to read this stuff.” But instead, I stick with what I know are my intentions, my superpowers, as you call them and I carry on. I’m not backing away. I have heard from friends and family who have benefited from my writing. I know how much the research I do for these posts helps me in my own self care journey. Thank you for reminding me of one of my superpowers and to realize it is worth pursuing.


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