“He who seeks for applause only from without has all his happiness in another’s keeping.”

Oliver Goldsmith

If I am giving my power away to another person or circumstance,

Allowing the result I desire

To be out of my own control…

Then I am not truly living my own life.

I am not Whole.

What happens if I Pause to filter my day today…

With noticing

Any instance I wish for outward confirmation, support, encouragement, acknowledgement…

And then, with that awareness, immediately choose to turn within

Asking my heart instead

To show me

How it actually holds…

The very thing I was seeking all along?


It’s in there, what I need.

I know it is.

But I’m not in the habit of remembering to look there consistently.

I am often too strongly drawn

To the “outside”

For my wellbeing.

Now why would that be?

Am I believing that “anything has to be better than what I might offer?”

Am I saying to myself,

“There’s no way I could be capable, strong enough, competent or fully prepared…to handle what’s going on?”

Yes, we do need to know when to ask for help…

At times we may need support, counseling, physical assistance.

But if I’m being truly honest with myself?

There are many instances when I could choose to trust myself to come up with the words or deeds or thoughts that I need in that moment in order to express care for myself.

In doing so, I move towards independence.

And am therefore no longer a pawn or victim of circumstances or someone else’s responses or expectations.

I know, down deep, all the confirmation…

All the strength…

Any resource I need…

Is ALWAYS within me.

Every bit of it.

And each one of us knows this as well.


Because we have either FOUND it in there…

Or we have at least sensed it.

A soft tiny feathered bird…

With eagle’s wings…

Waiting to leave the cage of doubts, fears

And hardened beliefs

That hold it captive.

Why is our bird there

In the dark

Unable yet to leave?

We are often simply afraid…

Of our own miraculous power…

And what would then be required of us.

Yes, there would be more required…

BUT there would always be more available within us

To fuel it…

To balance it.

There would never be lack.

There would always be enough…

To balance.

Because we will be going WITHIN

For our strength..

Our energy…

Our love…

Our peace…?





So all our assumed outside needs

Are rendered




We can use each time we find ourselves seeking outside…

As catalysts

To remind us to turn and look within instead…

To discover a new way to release our bird

With the eagle’s wings.

And we only need practice this

One instance at a time

(Not all at once)

Until we learn to forget…

There was any other way to seek…

Or any other place to look❤️

2 thoughts on “Outside-In Thinking

  1. “Hint: the cage is not locked.” – Nova Knutson

    I love this quote as well and have used it to free myself from the belief that what I need is out there. The more I get up the courage to leave my cage and believe in ME, the more rich my life becomes. Thank you for expanding on that idea.


    1. That quote IS a keeper, Carole~Thank you for sharing! It is so easy to stay in the cage of our beliefs…much more comfortable, familiar…
      But every time I decide to trust Me, the payback is always way more than I ever imagined!


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