“When in doubt, choose change.”

Lily Leung

“Same doesn’t allow for growth.”

Tamara Lechner


If I notice myself

On one side

Fearing to speak up

Or to act



On the other side

My inner voice says

“Do it!

Be different!

Choose change!!”

Then I am in that moment facing full on

A miraculous opportunity

To shift…

To become




In this moment of Pause

I am being presented


With the chance

To bloom….

But I realize anew

With wonder and joy

Something even more


I am assured

To my very core

That I am not just a single flower…

Oh no, I’m not.

I am an entire




Take a moment to close your eyes.

Take a few deep, relaxing breaths.

What Conflict is most present for you right now?

Hold it in your mind and heart.

Easy now.


If judgment tries to take control, ask it to step aside…

Just for a few minutes.

(We often have to do this more than once! Know that this is normal. Just keep asking Judgement to step aside again.

It will.)


Observe both sides of the Conflict.

First, see yourself choosing to stay the same.

How does your body react?

Your mind?

And now your feelings?

Now switch.

Imagine yourself choosing a different course of thought and action in dealing with this Conflict.

How does your body react?

Your mind?

And now your feelings?

Which choice brings you…







Which vision

Makes you feel most vibrant

And real?

THAT is your True Garden.



Love yourself enough

To go walk among your beautiful flowers.

As Lily Leung pleads with us:

“Choose change.”


Change is so often difficult

Because we haven’t experienced this exact circumstance before.

But if we DON’T change

Just think…

We would still then be living

As we were.

Do we really want that?

(Tell yourself the truth.)

If your inner voice is saying,


Aren’t we all just a little bit curious

To explore…

What THAT Garden really looks like?



DO go walk there.

And know this also:

That there will be other eyes

Watching as you go…

Gaining just enough strength

To Pause.

And wonder.

To believe finally in their own Garden

Waiting…just there, over the rise.

Empowered at last

To take a first step

Down their very own path.

And we’re we able to fly above it all?

We would discover

That ALL our Gardens

Are connected

In a miraculous astounding rainbow blanket

Of never ending color…

As far as the soul can see.

4 thoughts on “Our True Garden

  1. I closed my eyes.

    I breathed deeply.

    I thought of my conflict. Then I imagined it bringing me a garden of flowers like the one in your photo. Rather than holding tightly to how I “needed” the conflict to be resolved, I embraced the concept of change and saw the opportunity for growth, for learning, for something new.

    The “need” for anything went away.

    What replaced it was a sense of wonder and amazement. I’m ready now to face this conflict with new eyes, a new perspective and no attachment to the result.

    Wow. Good stuff. Thank you for a new technique for approaching conflict.


    1. And you, Carole, have inspired me with your practical actions and openness to change…your fearlessness in the face of something that is not comfortable. Thank YOU for propelling ME even further!🙏💕


  2. Thanks Janelle, beautiful, I love exploring lifes many incredible experiences. I’ve grown over the past 10 years or so to a place of we are all connected. Love the feeling being connected to source, being a spark of source. Thank you for helping others open their minds. Source needs more like you!

    Peace and love, Mark

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    1. Thank you so much, Mark, for being present here today. You are always an inspiration to me to carry on…to believe in myself and in what has been given to me, what is given to me…and what will be given. To remember that what I see is never the whole picture…that it never HAS to be(!)…yet all the while continuing to trust that everything is being watched over…and continually “blanketed in Love”.
      Your words are always a treasure 🎁
      Blessings to you always🙏


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