“Holding on is believing that there’s only a past; letting go is knowing that there’s a future.”

Daphne Rose Kingma

As I Pause to step away and regard a thought, belief, emotion…or any experience…

I become Present.

And becoming Present I am then empowered to ask myself whether what I am going through is Past-based or Future-based.

If I find myself returning over and over to my Past, this means there is still more for me to lay down. When I no longer feel the need to go there, I have finally distilled the lesson that I truly need in order to move forward.

Once I have looked at what my Past can teach me, this allows my thoughts, beliefs and emotions to transform myself in this very moment: THIS “piece of light” I can carry into my future.

And this is all I was ever created to carry.




All else is extraneous…

And was never intended for me to maintain as my constant companion.

So…what I carry forward can only be that which enlightens, strengthens, empowers and encourages.

This even brings compassion externally, to all with whom I interact.

All else is dross…and so it is truly self-compassion to leave such detrimental elements

In my Past.

Without me.

I am not needed there any longer.


So there is a portion we let go of as well as a portion to carry forward. I must be intent upon watching for what serves and what does not…lightly holding the former…releasing the latter.

In a sense, then, I am allowed to “hold on”…but it must always fit the criteria of compassion and gratitude and love. If it does not, it MUST remain behind…for it is only burden, sickness and poison for my soul.

Once I have laid down what is no longer needed, I am completing the act of claiming my Future…

And my soul, my True Self, can walk forward truly unfettered and completely free.


Pause a moment.

Notice if you find yourself still dragging around ANY pieces of your Past, whether small or large that feel within you like heavy weights, pointed daggers, burning embers, raging fires…or perhaps there is numbness and distance hiding there.


Acknowledge that your heart, mind and body are messaging you…

Pleading with you…

To leave these elements in the Past.

Decide to relinquish these


See yourself laying them down.

For, did you know? They were never yours to keep.

They are not You…

Because they do not serve.

Ask within:

“What best serves my heart, mind, body and soul to take with me?”

Then choose to walk away with that alone…

If anything at all.

Take your first step

Embracing Curiosity.

You are now



A more complete version of You.

YOU have just recreated

Your Future.

2 thoughts on “What To Carry?

  1. This is beautiful Janelle. In the past, I used to beat myself up with “could have,” “should have,” “would have,”…..and then one day it occurred to me….. Why, why, why do you visit that place, when nothing changes except the negative affect it has on you?! And gradually, I learned to let go. To only let the past serve for beautiful memories, or to learn from experiences. It’s incredible how much pain we inflict upon ourselves, and as Byron Katie says, we start to become our stories by the constant retelling, even if only to ourselves!
    Thank you Janelle!🌷


    1. Dawn, your words are so empowering, as you share your own experience with the power that the Past can have either for us or against us. I thank you for allowing us to see what you have learned as well as the path you walked to do so. This is truly so encouraging💕
      And I so appreciate your including the wisdom of Byron Katie too…(she’s one of my favorites!)🙏 This just adds a beautiful jewel to these ideas here on letting go.
      I can never say how grateful I am for your faithful presence…you always bring the light of your soul to my day! ❤️ 🦋


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