“All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, of inner stillness.”

Eckhart Tolle


Welcome to 2021, everyone!

After a long absence, I want to begin our year with a clean slate . . .

As we all may be contemplating some aspect of

“Beginning again.”

So let’s start with exactly what we have . . .

Who we are . . .

Right now.


What if I told you:

“You are an artist”?

It wouldn’t be surprising that many of us would immediately jump in with

“Oh, I can’t paint or draw!”

“I’ve never been able to play the piano well!”

“Taking a decent photograph just escapes me!”

“I’ve always wished I could build beautiful cabinetry . . . But I just don’t have the talent.”

Well. those are some of the obvious “art forms” . . .

But I’m not here to get you to focus on that.

What if told you that you are always creating? No matter what you’re doing?


Ah . . .

Now we’re opening up a bigger space.

Because we ARE creating in every moment.

Our very presence ~ anywhere ~ by definition “creates”.

But the deeper, truer question is:

Am I creating consciously or unconsciously?

And following that,

What exactly AM I creating?

And this is where it can get a bit scary because this means I actually am, in a sense, controlling my world . . . Whether I’m present or not.

Wherever I go, I change what it going on just by the energy of my being there.

This is a powerful thought.

I make a difference here.

You make a difference where you are.

Each of us does this, whether we’re aware of it or not.


But before we become frightened out of our wits at the hugeness of that concept, let’s bring it down to something more quotidien . . .

Something we can handle without being overwhelmed.

What if we ask instead:

What happens when I view each action I take as the action of an artist?

Let’s review some the simple gestures that might occur everyday:

Say . . .

How do I open the fridge? Could I find the grace in the movement of my arm, the curling of my fingers around the handle, the strength and tension of my muscles as I pull? Could all of that be part of a dance?

In cleaning the kitchen countertops? I am a dancer here as well, gauging the distances as I sweep from side to side, timing them equally . . . Or not!

How am I moving about, step by step? Can I feel the pressure of each foot as it holds my weight, perfectly balanced? Step evenly, lopsidedly? Altering the tempo like a musician? Yes!

Could I point out to a friend the sound of a bird or the intricacies in a wildly colorful leaf? I would then be an orator, one who might bring change for the better.

How would my speech change if I knew I was the one who could make it even more approachable for others to hear? Feeling discomfort, could I remain open enough to rephrase someone’s opinion to show I was truly listening to their values and feelings, without adding my own colors of judgement or anger or stubbornness to the canvas? Then I would be a painter.


What if I practice saying: “I am an artist?” in as many moments today as I can be conscious of?

What will change before my very eyes simply BECAUSE I was THERE noticing?

We can then say:

“I am an artist.

I create as I go.

I am always adding to the world and I pledge to do this with care and compassion.”

Tolle reminds us, though, that we must first choose stillness ~

To Pause ~

In order to create.

Realizing we are each artists brings the potential for appreciation for each thing we do, every day, every moment.

When we are immersed in being creative, we are actually expressing gratitude . . .

Because we see things with a fresher perspective.

And as we create, we grow our very hearts

Our confidence

Our love for ourselves

And for our world.


My practice today is to ask, as often as I can:

What uplifting gesture of beauty…or grace…gentleness or mindfulness… can I add to this moment?

“I am an artist.”


How can I Dance?


See the Art all around me?

Bring Music to any of my moments . . .

As only I can?


Just now…

What will I create?

4 thoughts on “The Artist Within

  1. What a great way to start the year, acknowledging the artist within. Julia Cameron from the Artist’s Way says, “Creativity occurs in the moment, and in the moment we are timeless.” And the only way to be in the the moment is to pause. Thanks for the reminder.


    1. With deepest gratitude, Carole🙏 for your supportive words and your thoughtful heart. Cameron’s quote dovetails so well with Tolle’s idea: thank you for sharing! (And you know me: 😉
      That quote is going straight into my collection right now!) ✏️ 📝

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very welcome, Craig! Yes, quite a break, I agree but I am looking forward to more insights and inspirations as they appear!
      I hope all is well out your way: as a talented wielder of the pen of architecture, you do indeed bring our views into the solidity and beauty of structure…and its magic…opening our eyes and minds to even more possibilities!
      And then there’s your writer’s pen as well: so many doors to walk through there as well!

      Thank YOU for sharing your special gifts: and may you continue to be curious, to see beyond the norm…those of us who watch you create are as small children on the Eve of Christmas 🎄 asking
      “What will next be beneath the tree?” 😊


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