“The word ‘change’ normally refers to new beginnings. But transformation more often happens not when something new begins but when something old falls apart.”

~Richard Rohr

With the New Year 2018 having arrived just hours ago, I am aware of the need to simplify, not add to, what is in my heart and soul. Rohr’s quote is moving me into the process of looking more closely at what needs to “fall apart” for me…what needs to be removed…rather than just continuing to search for and acquire more. This means:

Selecting what needs to go.

Choosing not to resist the “loss”.

Electing not to judge it.

And ultimately, embracing the fear of letting go of an old, familiar way that is now “in my way.”

Not an easy task!

The only way there can be room for transformation is to remove something less helpful, less powerful, less loving, less grateful, less nurturing…(many blanks could be filled here, so we are each free to be very creative!)

As the former way is allowed to “fall apart”, I can then use that cleared space for something larger, more miraculous, and infinitely magical…

Something nearer to the Whole that is Me.

Brutal honesty is usually a necessary companion for this heart “housecleaning” …this cracking and breaking of my Heart’s Shell.

But the freedom of owning and then directing what fills the new space brings me such unimaginable joy and peace of mind that, once acknowledged, I cannot conceive of any other manner of spiritual travel.

Please join me now in perusing just a single one of your own Heart Closets…however small or dark…and choosing to open and liberate that space. Allow the cracking and transformation to commence… one small step at a time. Search for any belief that is limiting how you see yourself, how you see others or how you see the world. Perhaps you believe you are not strong enough, not smart enough, not loving enough, not perfect enough. Perhaps you think you have no choice. Perhaps you dwell on past failures.

Look closely and ask your deepest heart what is holding you back that is actually no longer true for you any more. Be honest.

Breathe in the thought that transformation can and will occur. Breathe out the limiting thought that has been boxing you in. If you need to, repeat this sequence…until you begin to feel the old way starting to loosen, crack, fall apart and dissolve, even if just a little bit. With repetition, it will slowly melt away and an opening will eventually appear.

As you breathe, let you heart create in your mind your wildest, grandest image of yourself…

No! Even BIGGER than that!!

Try again.

NO! Even MORE than that!!!

Just how far can you take it?

Well…How far can Love travel?! Its path begins inside you: look there. See? YOU are the one who holds the beginning of all of it. No one else. Nothing else. It starts inside you.


Imagine using that new Heart Space to make a home for that Grander Version of You. Enter that Space with the Gift that you have just created.

It is a Gift, first, for you.

But then, just watch.

Watch as the treasures begin to naturally and easily spill into your world ~

Exponentially magnified and expanded…

Then rippling out into the ENTIRE world.

This is how “falling apart” brings transformation:

For the New to appear, the Old must make way for it…

And this opening movement can only occur in our Heart Space.

Seek with courage just one thing that needs to “fall apart” for you…

And then begin to live in that new Space only you alone can create.

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Heart!!

(Heart Rock photo courtesy of


Thank you, Teresa!)

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