So graceful, efficient, autonomous.


Inhaling, I feel expansion and openness….but also vulnerability, as I allow the breath to enter. Shallow? Deep? The decision to allow room for more air brings more calm, steadiness, compassion.

With the exhale I may release all that entered, minus the minimal needs my body extracted to survive.

Didn’t let go of everything this time?

The next breath awaits!


But consider the incredible power in the two suspension points of the breathing cycle: the split second of “nothingness”, where breathing changes direction…each of these moments perfectly balanced, simply at ease, stress-free. This lovely pure breathless suspense point contains all potential possibilities.


If breathing symbolizes life, inhaling is not what is happening around me, but what I ALLOW to come in. Fear, non-serving beliefs, etc. bring me shallow restricted experiences. Yet, always available are deeper, fuller breaths, as I practice allowing the full moment to enter, then exhaling my restrictions.

The two points of stillness in the breath cycle create clarity…regarding what to bring in, what to keep, what to release. Sensing this pause physically reflects the mental reminder: I have choices.

And choice opportunities occur in EVERY pause point.


Over and over.


This space has been invaluable to me when tempted to follow old fear habits that no longer serve. Dropping into my breath creates an immediate Pause Oasis, where I can relax, assessing my choices.









Take what is needed.



Give the rest away.

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