“Experience has taught me that only when I suspend my beliefs does something greater rush in.”

Winter Robinson



Amazing things happen each time I get curious about the beliefs currently running my internal “Operating System” (Dare I call that my “Personal iOS”?!?!) While this reevaluation may appear at first to be a daunting task, the benefits far outweigh the risk of choosing not to do it at all! As with our devices, consistent upgrades for our belief system are critical for spiritual improvement: reevaluation and change need to occur regularly or we will find ourselves unable to function as we were created to do. Over time, an unquestioned Personal iOS will become more inefficient, more restrictive, rendering us unable to present our full potential to each moment we are given.


With even a brief pause to assess, I usually find numerous belief updates are WAY past due…and often, with deeper heart excavating, I discover there are beliefs in my Operating System that actually beg to be discarded, as their presence is in many ways harmful to me and thus to others. Any belief grounded in judgement, lacking in compassion, is not a catalyst I want around when it’s time for my next action!


I carry many beliefs collected over many years… and they all factor into driving my thoughts and actions to varying degrees. The scary thing is, many of them are on automatic and I have never stopped to question them…

I might ask:

Where did this belief originate? Is it truly mine or from elsewhere?

What control is it exerting upon my words and actions?

What specific circumstances most often bring it into the “driver’s seat”?

What happens when it IS “driving”…and is this honestly what I want happening?


We will find countless ways to ask…but gentle curiosity and non-judgement are so crucial whenever exploring in this way. We only inquire not to put ourselves down but to lift ourselves up.

When I “suspend” any belief, either by alteration or by elimination, it is a deliberate act of choosing to step back and away, to observe a particular motivating force without allowing it to color my view.


I am choosing to Pause.


I become, in essence, a video camera simply recording what is happening, practicing to attain impeccable impartiality merely by observation. This does not mean I no longer care: quite the opposite! Ironically, it enables me to care more deeply, as I can SEE and FEEL more of what is going on…without the “filter” of my limiting ego. The result? Better decisions.

From the moment I decide to “record” what is going on, internally or externally, I am in this place of suspension mentioned in the quote above. This is where the Power resides in the Pause. The instant I pause to suspend my belief – willing to consider the possibility that there may be a way to see things differently – the world immediately becomes an infinitely wider place in which to live and grow…bringing greater expansion and openness, towards myself and subsequently towards others.

This frees up additional Space to become MORE of Who I Am. (See 01-01-18 post)

Reflect Again:

What thought or feeling – triggered by an event, person, or circumstance – is asking me to choose curiosity first rather than an immediate reaction…to look again, more deeply…and then honestly re-evaluate the contents of my iOS/Perception System?


What belief am I willing to shift – or even relinquish – realizing that the only place that I can effect change is within me?

If I am not willing to shift yet…why?


In what way will I alter or discard this outdated belief blocking progress toward healing and wholeness?

(Try to verbalize this into a simple statement of intent. Short and clear. Easy to remember.)


Complete at least one action today that reflects this shift in perspective.

Repeat this (or create another action based on the new intent) as you are inspired – you will see more opportunities appearing as you go. Continue reassessment and embrace changes: these are catalysts for good and need not be feared.

Small is always better than none!



Intention is everything.

Reset during a Pause, then Respond….

To Respond before a Reset will jam our spiritual gears every single time!!

Power is in Pause.

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