“If I write

what you may feel

but cannot say,

it does not


me a poet.

It makes me a bridge


I am humbled


I am grateful

to assist your heart in speaking.”

Nayyirah Waheed

I really love the idea of being a Bridge…😊

Of immersing myself in the feel of soaring arches as they swoop over and high above…

Of standing grounded alongside the struts and beams as they reach straight upward into irresistible supports of truth and trust

Of reveling from on high in such joyous views so infinitely spectacular and thoroughly revealing…that I would never ever want to leave those heights again.

And I was then thinking of how many ways we could each choose to be Bridges…by our willingness to bring change

To our words

Our actions

Our thoughts and beliefs…

Each of us creating Bridges

Ever stronger…

Uniquely beautiful…



If we all persisted in the building of Bridges…

There would no longer be any need for our fears

Of being lost.

Of being without a secure foundation.

Of not being seen.

Of being disconnected.

The Renovation

Which of my words are divisive and will I commit to removing one by one, replacing them with expressions of gratitude and compassion?

Where do my actions separate rather than join, and which of these will I replace?

What thoughts keep me from expressing my true self and how may I begin to change these ideas?

The Maintenance

What portions of my Bridge are currently supportive of Who I Am and are bringing connectivity to others?

And how will I make certain that these remain powerfully supportive rather than becoming weak through neglect?

The View

As I look all about me

And consider the possible directions the Bridge I Am could grow, I ask…

“What will I be building today?”

“I wonder where this might lead?”


“How will that change what and

how I see tomorrow?

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