Stone columns called hoodoos are the most common geological formation in the amazing national park Chiricahua National Monument in southeastern Arizona.

Here we can find the remains of a massive volcanic eruption that occurred some 27 million years ago.

(Photo from

In addition to these unique hoodoos are also formations of balancing rocks that seem to defy logic: HOW are they standing and not toppling over?!

(Photo: Chiricahua National Monument website)

These two formations bring to mind a few spiritual questions:

When sudden explosions or long term erosions, small or large, occur in my life, what “hoodoo” is left of me? And are these remaining parts what I want to see reflected of myself…standing as an inspirational monument? How do I want to emerge from the quakes and eruptions of my life?

The answer for me lies not only in the hoodoos but also in the “balancing” rocks in the Park. These less common and therefore even more astounding formations are glorious symbols of “beyond hoodoos”…ones that made it through the erosions of time without falling over.

We each have our hoodoos – our core, True Selves – which we strive to maintain in upright position throughout our lives. And then we each are gifted and encouraged with our balancing rocks – those moments where the hoodoo stands in a miraculous moment – where all the power of our soul shines with amazing brilliance – and continues to stand over extended time…so that balance can be created.

We all have the potential within us at any moment to execute these balancing feats in our spiritual lives. And they can stand firm over time.

Believe this.

Never doubt.

Ask what you truly wish your hoodoo Self to reflect.

As each day evolves, swirling around you, carving your shape, be aware. Allow what you do not want to keep to be smoothed away…fear, anger, grief, self-judgement, excessiveness…to name a few. At the same time, choose what you want to remain: love, compassion, forgiveness, peace, patience, the practice of releasing…and oh so much more!

The erosion of life will always be a constant…

But YOU alone choose what remains.

See your Hoodoo Self stand tall in each moment…for each additional moment creates a chain of moments for a lifetime…and then watch as your monument of balance is formed, slowly evolving through the “erosion” that each moment offers.

Find strength in the fact that our individual core – our True Self – is eternal, and cannot ever be effaced.

Find freedom in knowing this to be true of yourself.

Each day, observe how your Hoodoo Self can transform into a monolith of balance, as you choose what stays…

And what remains.

How does your Hoodoo Self appear right now?

What is eroding your edges, asking you to release what is not part of your True Self?

Exactly “hoodoo” you wish to see remaining in place when life seeks to change your shape?

Unless we live in a vacuum, we cannot avoid that our shape will change. But we are always in charge of the transformation process…

Even not choosing is a choice. We will still be determining what is freed and what is retained, and therefore are the creators of the resulting Hoodoo.

We, not other people or events, are responsible for ourselves at all times.


“Hoodoo” you see right now in your Heart Mirror?

“Hoodoo” you wish to see there tomorrow…

The next day…

Next year?

Stand tall.

Choose what to release.

Travel light.

Balance will come.

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