“Nobody is superior, nobody is inferior. People are simply unique, incomparable.”


I love this idea because it frees me from my habitual worrying about having to be enough…to have to measure up…to be perfect.

Perfect is a relative term.

Since we each have our own definition of it, how can it ever be a singular reality? It changes depending on what person is designing/creating it. So its only “reality” is that it contains infinite possibilities.

There is no “right” or “wrong” of it…

Perfection is merely another category of opinion.

Yet still we spend inordinate amounts of time pursuing it…and discovering along the way that its definition can shift at a moment’s notice…and this can often become a continuous drain of energy.

Having an idea of perfection before me as I pursue any endeavor is invaluable:

It enables me to create goals, have a vision and be inspired to give my all to whatever I am creating in that moment. This is wonderful.

What isn’t wonderful is the moment I decide to let that image be my end-all “god”, directing how I see myself and others…

How every time I fall short, I become a little less “worthy”…

How I surely must be losing respect, love and acceptance from others…

How hard it is to live up to expectations (real or imagined!)

These reactions happen every time I forget that my “image” is unique to me and that there are still infinite possibilities out there that might be “more perfect”.

Now THERE’s an oxymoron for you!

More perfect?!

Wait ~ That’s the key!

As soon as I realize that there could be a “more perfect” option, my previous one ceases to be perfect. I am then released from the previous idea to explore and create another to lead me forward.

I am not failing…

I’m changing the formula.

I must remember that perfection will ever be elusive…and only awareness will open my eyes to the other more motivating views I may adopt at any moment.

My idea of Perfection will either inspire and fulfill me…or restrict and empty me. The former will create feelings of joy, freedom and peace; the latter will bring tension, anxiety, disappointment and sadness.

As you go along, Pause to see which you are feeling.

Keep going with what fulfills you…

But if you find you are stuck within any debilitating reactions to perfection, Pause to reset and redirect your vision of what is “perfect”.

Perfect is whatever frees you to move forward.

Feelings of discontent are signals that something is misaligned…

Just remember: only you can adjust it.

If I can practice Pausing to notice whether my “perfect idea” is inspiring me…or restricting me…this will be the very moment I free myself to see the “truth” of my vision.

By relinquishing any idea of perfection and the comparisons it constantly requires of me, I am no longer shackled by any person, any idea, any circumstance…

I am completely unencumbered to experience instead the uniqueness of each person, idea or circumstance.

THIS is how I may continually access healing and fulfillment in every moment…

For myself.

And for our world.


What IS Perfect?

The power I own

To pursue

Whatever “perfect”

That frees me…

Right now.

One thought on “What Is Perfect

  1. I love this quote – and so appropriate for the week of Midterm Elections in the U.S.!!!! What I heard when I read that quote was about my judgment towards others (and myself). When I can remember that no one is inferior or superior, I will be less judgemental and more open and honest with others (and myself). Thank you for reminding me that comparing myself to others will only take me down a path of disappointment. And when I see us all as incomparable, anything is possible.


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