“Some people can’t believe in themselves until someone else believes in them first.”

Sean Maguire

Where does this quote lead your heart and mind?

This is what came to me:

1) It is 100% likely that any person I come across today does NOT believe in some part of their own worthiness. They cannot yet see the whole miracle that they are.

2) It is 100% likely that I will have a thought along the same lines about myself. I cannot yet see the whole miracle that I am.

3) In what way today will I share a smile, an expression of gratitude, perhaps even forgiveness…

To another?

To myself?

THIS is where worthiness resides:

In seeking it…

And in expressing it.

4) Am I willing to commit to a daily practice of Looking for Worthiness…

All around me…

All within me…

Until we ALL believe?

Until we all see endless miracles everywhere?

Please know and remember this:

You are worthy of such a practice.

So am I.


100% Worthy.

Pause just a moment longer.

Now what do you see…


I send peace always to each of you…

As you walk today in your outer and inner worlds.

2 thoughts on “Where Is Worthy?

  1. Believing I am worthy has been a life-long journey for me. Thank you for the reminder of something my heart knows, but my head occasionally objects to. So grateful for your words.


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