“As I renew myself, I renew the world.”

Deepak Chopra

This statement was the Centering Thought for Day 21 of a Deepak Chopra meditation series called “Energize Your Life”.


I see I could take this to the next level.

Fill in the blank:

As I _________ myself, I _________ the world.

Let me try…



Show compassion to


Take care of

Listen to

Am curious about

How do those feel within me, to sit with those choices?

Conversely, I could have also filled in the first blank with:


Feel anger about







Feel hopeless about

What is the feeling within me, as I sit with those choices?


How I fill in that first blank will direct what I think.

What I think repeatedly will eventually become what I believe.

What I believe will always direct my actions.

And so in this way, my outward actions are reflections of my inner world.

Inner creates Outer.


What would your beautiful heart, your miraculous True Self, desire to put in your first blank right now?

How, where and when do you envision putting that into a concrete action today?

In what ways could you imagine the world around you might change, if you did?

Take a few moments throughout the day to Pause…

And watch.

It’s the changes I make within me

That will be reflected in the world beyond.


Exactly what DOES my heart truly want to see out there…

In this very moment?

2 thoughts on “Inner Creates Outer

  1. Thank you, again. This is perfect timing. Many busy days leave me catching up with myself, and forgetting my connection to others, and how that connection can be expressed.


  2. As I nurture myself, I nurture the world.
    As I respect myself, I respect the world.
    As I “embrace imperfections” in myself, I embrace imperfections in the world (my words for the year).
    I love coming up with these. What a great exercise to do every day.

    And your photo is extraordinary! Thanks for making my day.


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