“The life I touch for good or ill will touch another life, and that in turn another until who knows where the trembling stops or in what far place my touch will be felt.”

Frederick Buechner

Welcome to 2019, Everyone!!

Newsflash for our Beautiful New Year:

“You ARE important…

So VERY important.”


Each of us has a “touch”…

Our own “Fingerprints on the world”, if you will.

And like fingerprints, we leave them behind for others to see.

They’re everywhere we’ve ever been.


Your completed thoughts

Your words

Your actions

Are already



And acting

In places unseen and unheard by you.

We ~ our spiritual presence in this world ~ continue to



And act

AFTER we are “done doing so” in this physical moment.

We leave our fingerprints

Everywhere we go.

This is how we can each be




You and I?

We ARE important.





Our “touch”, as Buechner so eloquently puts it, goes out…and continues to do so.

The idea that I am “alive”…present…in this way elsewhere…?

That there are actions to come that are “rippling” from the “touch” of my thoughts and speech when I am no longer there to be involved in them…?


That’s truly a colossal mind shift.

How does this realization change what I…

Will think

Will say

Will do?

Right now?


Take a few moments to Pause…

And Ponder…

Where could we each go with this idea?


“How do I see myself…

Moving in the parts of my world

When I am no longer physically there

To “see” what I am doing?”


What fingerprints

Do you truly


To leave



All over the world





3 thoughts on “Fingerprints

    1. Ohhh…a Legacy! I love this…it sharpens the focus to how fundamental and crucial our touches are. It’s so easy to go about our day and only pick and choose noticing what our touch is leaving behind. To be more conscious…yes, this is the practice I want to pursue! Many thanks, dear Dawn!

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