“I no longer wait to be perfect in order to love myself.” 
Louise Hay

[Ask yourself] “Who am I when I am not judging myself?” 
Robert Holden

“Who would you be without that thought?”

Question 4 from The Work by Byron Katie


Three inspirations from three great souls!

Which one feels like it is yours today?

Give this a try:

Pause to note any self-critical thought…. 
And choose to say within, 
“I give you permission to pass by.” 

Sit still… 

See them float away.
And do not grace such thoughts with the least further attention. 

Know instead that each and every one of them is truly gifting us with yet another chance to say in our heart: 

“I no longer wait to be perfect in order to love myself.” 

Take a moment to practice:

Balance one self-judgement with a single self-loving affirmation.

Notice: what happens inside, in your mind, your heart, your soul?

Perhaps saying such strong words of self-love is still too tender a place to go? 
Ease in with these phrases instead: 

“I am WILLING to wait to be perfect…I am WILLING to learn to love myself.

I am WILLING to look for the Joy of Being Me.” 

As the critical voice loses power, the loving voice strengthens…

You will find that very soon you are growing unconditional love for yourself.

Allow curiosity to win over.

Wonder to yourself,

“Just how many times might I do this today?”

Then tonight, answer yourself:

“It happened ______ times!”

Lovingly ask those same questions…


And tomorrow.

And tomorrow!

Even to have it happen only once…

Marks the beginning of a new path.

Walk there.

In our own mind… 
Then tricking down to connect to our own heart….
We find we can return to Wholeness and Healing. 

Dear souls, you are exactly, perfectly Who You Are… 


Right Now. 

For this is 

And you need never be any more or less 


6 thoughts on “Balancing Act

  1. Another beautiful post! It all starts with ourselves …with loving ourselves….caring for ourselves…..if not, we’re not capable of doing the same for others.


    1. Thank you, Dawn!
      This is what I am finally learning! It all begins within us.💕
      And we already have everything we need…it’s just been covered up by learned judgements and beliefs that block our view, our clarity, our Light. 🌟
      As we learn to care for ourselves…to love ourselves more and more deeply and unconditionally…we rediscover our power and and unlearn our habit of judging and critiquing.
      We return to Who We Are.
      And also…we become the Love and Light for others to be able to do the same for themselves…
      Simply because we return to ourselves.
      Nothing else is necessary!


  2. When I hear those ugly gremlins suggesting that I am less than perfect, I thank them for their opinion and invite them to leave. This didn’t happen over night, like you said, I had to practice it every day, often many times a day. But I am so much better at recognizing self sabotaging thoughts and then sending myself love. Thank you for sharing this very important part of the practice of self love.


    1. I thank you Carole for your encouragement to persevere: and that there IS
      progress by choosing that path.
      Also very important, that word “recognize”…as we become more aware of our favorite sabotage phrases that we use to undermine our self esteem, we can more easily capture them (and replace them with self love) before they become those intimidating gremlins!

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