“For me happiness occurs arbitrarily: a moment of eye contact on a bus, where all at once you fall in love; or a frozen second in a park where it’s enough that there are trees in the world.”

Russell Brand

We are actually much happier than we believe….

But in our frantic busyness…

Our steely beliefs…

Our deep pain…

We have forgotten.

We have forgotten to Pause to look for what delights our Mind, our Body, our Soul.

It’s actually all right there before us.

Waiting for us to notice.

“Look! Here I am…inside the sunset!”

“No wait! That delicious smell…what is that?!”

“How about ME?! This gentle breeze on your skin? The sun? Or the sharp clean air of a freezing wind? Rain on your skin?”

“Oh my but there’s the trees whispering comfort in their swaying branches and leaves!”

“But how delicious is this precious bite of food that crunches…or melts…or sends a burst of tanginess in my mouth?!?!”

Or even…

“Oh that feeling

Of joy

Of grief

Of silliness

Of anxiety

Of tranquility…

My heart is filled.

My heart is hardened.

My heart aches…

My heart can empty

So my heart can hold it all…


Each one gets a turn.

If I notice then let go.


Let go.



A rhythm in my heart.

Reminding me

To follow my heart’s beat.

This is living out happiness.





“Yes I feel you there. I can keep you for just a moment…

The happy

The not so happy…

Then I can allow you to pass by.

So I may feel the next heart visitor, and the next…and the next.”



Pause just three times today.

Can you find delight when at first there seems to be none?

Note which of your senses is now receiving happiness, however small or large.

Believe that happiness IS there.

Practice KNOWING this.

This is Gratitude…

Your beating heart will tell you so.



Share these moments.

By passing a smile to a stranger

Writing in a journal

Sending a note of thankfulness via mail (Yes, handwritten with a stamp!)

Creating a piece of “art” (no need to be Michaelangelo, just YOU!!)

Encouraging a friend via text or call

Reaching out to someone who may be at a distance from you.


Happiness is surrounding us constantly.



Stop. Be still.

Notice what is there.

Immerse your very soul.

Now go forth and share.


4 thoughts on “The Message In Our Heartbeat

  1. Ah, but this is so beautiful….and I couldn’t agree more. I’m also going to make your suggestion part of my daily practice. Thank you!


  2. “So my heart can hold it all…


    Each one (feeling) gets a turn.”

    Yes. Taking in each of my feelings, not pushing them down, or numbing myself to them, allows me to practice the power of pausing. It lets me learn that I have a choice about how to react. I have a choice about how to respond.

    That one moment of honoring each feeling sets me up for a more positive reply to that email that upset me, or that driver who almost caused an accident.

    Thank you for yet another powerful reminder to pause.


    1. It is always a blessing to hear your voice here, Carole…And it IS a commitment to work at that process of honoring our feelings, pleasant and unpleasant alike! But just realizing we DO have a choice to take a moment to feel, to decide, to act…this is what brings mindfulness and peace more and more frequently to our everyday life.
      Thank you for your lovely thoughts and your loyalty to this space….you are a precious soul to me.💕👭

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