“Almost always the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.”

Martin Luther King

You know those times when you feel so different, and so alone, because you’re not like everyone else?

Because you feel misunderstood?

Put in a box?


Those times we feel our thoughts or feelings are in the minority…especially when we’re still oh so vulnerable and learning how to honor them and show up as ourselves?

In such solitude, our view may have convinced us that it’s okay to rely on a habit of giving up a “piece” of ourselves in order to keep the “peace”?

And then the isolation just increases?


What if

In our very aloneness

Is hidden the power

To make the difference…

Within us?

And then later, “outside” us?

What if


Is the NORM…

And NOT the uncomfortable

Odd place that it might first present to us?

But as we share this stance with so many of our fellow human beings…

We see that the odd minority IS actually the norm because of its very ubiquitousness!

What if

We Pause and shift our view

To see our place instead…



The most freeing

UNLIMITED position

For me to be…

BECAUSE I am in this unique minority all my own?


It’s actually SPECIAL…

Uniquely created for your own special miracle working right where you are.


What happens next?

How would I




Standing right here…

If I believed

I am not really ever alone…


By virtue of where I am positioned

Right now

Just as I am…

That I hold the power

To change the world I am gifted with…?

To give a smile to the cashier who has trouble pulling her own full smile out…

To send a prayer of peace to the gentleman who leans on his car horn when I don’t pull out of my parking space quickly enough for him…

To truly listen with compassion and openness to the friend whose expectations turn out to be different from my own…

To speak up bravely when my own feelings and motives have been pushed away habitually for many years…

These are the exact points in time where our “minority” thoughts and feelings can jump in to sabotage our day, our relationships, our energy…

But their very discomfort, even their pain, is truly a call for gratitude, for these darker shadows awaken us, allowing us to see we have the choice to reject the old pattern…

And choose another.


Every time

If we so desire.

What if I AM brave enough

To select a fresh progressive thought?

One that nurtures the tiny seed of a newfound belief…

One that says “I care about myself…and I can care for another at the same time…Just watch!”

One that says “YES I CAN!” to the action it softly yet firmly asks of me?


How will I respond to

THIS query:

“So NOW what?”

What if I say,

“I choose to trust myself today to THRIVE in my very special uniquely creative ‘minority’…?

I pledge to remain continuously grateful for it throughout my day…

Just as it is?”

What if I believe…

“I am always ready…




When solitude abounds?”

4 thoughts on “Thriving In Our Solitude

    1. Thank you so much, Dawn~ I had actually never reflected before on the fact that being unique actually put me in a “majority”…but this quote took me to that place. Just another way to imagine how we are all connected!💕🙏


  1. “…But their very discomfort, even their pain, is truly a call for gratitude, for these darker shadows awaken us, allowing us to see we have the choice to reject the old pattern…” Wow! Your words need to be heard by so many, Janelle. Imagine a world where everyone could master your idea here that our minority thoughts are actually the majority! Oh, there would be so much more self love. Thank you for these sincere thoughts.


    1. Carole, you are always so wonderful at finding the focus and joy within these words of mine! I really did think it was quite ironic that we are often trapped in spending time on thoughts that further alienate us and compound our loneliness…when actually we are unified by the very traits that make us ALL contributors to the whole good of our world. Yes, we have diversity…but because we do, we are connected!

      Liked by 1 person

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